A Message to Our Customers – COVID-19

Estes Industries is concerned with the health, safety and well-being of our employees, their families, our rocketry community and our customers as the unprecedented events unfold across the globe.

Until we are instructed differently, we will remain open for business to serve our customers, community and employees.

Each day we continue to work diligently to protect our employees and have implemented measures to safeguard them. We have instituted additional “Safe Work” requirements for all employees.

  • Employees have the option to work from home or work on-site independently from their co-workers.
  • We have taken broad measures to ensure employees are physically safe by providing cloth facemasks and using industrial strength disinfectant sprays on a regular basis to clean surface areas and common touch points.
  • We encourage the use of a unified communication and collaboration platform for meetings. e.g. Microsoft TEAMS is available to limit the need for Face-to-Face meetings.
  • The Estes facilities will no longer be open to visitors and special directions have been established for deliveries to the warehouse.

With the news outlets bombarding us each day with new or changing information, it becomes apparent that a sense of calm must prevail over panic. While we’re observing the CDC social distancing recommendations and any sheltering-in-home mandates, we need to embrace the opportunity to focus our attention on family.

We encourage everyone to take time to play, learn, create or build something during these uncertain times. It’ll help both your attitude and your health. If you need inspiration, or a distraction, please feel free to visit EstesRockets.com to explore the excitement of model rocketry and to ignite your imagination.

Thank you and please keep safe, separate and serene.

Estes Industries