Estes Educator earns high marks from everyone — including teachers and youth program leaders just like you.

The power of Estes model rocketry to excite young people about learning has been witnessed first-hand by people from all corners of the educational community: teachers, administrators, scientists, parents, youth group leaders, and — of course — the students themselves. Read here what some of them have to say about their experiences with Estes Educator. Then let us help you put together a lesson plan that brings new energy into your classroom!

Your Feedback About Model Rockets.
Please take a few minutes to tell us about your experiences with Educator and using model rocketry as a teaching tool. We will post many of your testimonials here, and could use others in future print publications.

What Educators Say About Estes Model Rocketry

“Each year, at the Mr. Science Laboratory on Florida’s Spacecoast, children learn to build and launch model rockets made from scratch. The kids begin with small paper rockets and by the end of the week – they each launch a rocket taller than themselves! Thanks Estes – you products make our amazing camps possible year after year!”
– Mr. Science. Satellite Beach , FL

“In science class we were learning about force and motion so for a project we decided to do a model rocket project and we used parts to make homeade rockets”
-Zenny. Rumney, NC

“I have used rockets in class or as an after school activity since I have been teaching in PA. My first experience was the best! The students in the charter school in which I taught grades 7-11, designed and launched the rockets as part of our space unit. The launches took a few days and the entire school classes from K to 11, came out to see the students work and the launches. Students videotaped the launches and later discussed how they could improve the design for more height for the next year! I currently teach in a public high school and I use model rockets as the final unit in my Astronomy class. The students learn about aeronautics and aerospace as background. Then they apply what they know to design rockets to compete against each other for trajectory, design, and accuracy on landing. I find the students are amazed how fast and high the level 1 rockets fly and some even continue with rockets after the class. It is definitely my favorite area to teach! “
-Pheinen. New Holland, PA

“I teach a college-prep summer session for high school students. This year, I taught a dedicated introduction to rocketry class. In the class, students design and build rockets, including the Estes Viking .”
-DT. Batesville, AR

“Many students have become active thinkers from the activities of problem-solving situations which present themselves in model rocketry.”
-JD. Pine Hall, NC

“With the current movement in educational reform, I see model rocketry as a very easy and successful way for anyone to get their students into mathematics, science, and any academic topics since rockets cross the curriculum.”
-NC. Springfield, KY

“It is difficult for young students, especially middle school students, to visualize and translate the concepts of math and science into their daily lives. Model rocketry education can help ‘cut through’ this mental block and personalize their learning.”
-BF. Burlington, WI

“I have taught a whole language unit about rockets and space for over ten years. Each year I learn more and am able to teach a better unit with more interesting experiments and hands-on activities. I believe that students are able to understand better if they can participate in a model rocket activity or demonstration.”
-JR. Jonesboro, GA

“I use Estes model rockets to bring the physical science concepts to life for students. It’s one thing to talk about drag and thrust, but it’s quite another experience to be able to see these forces at work with model rockets. It helps bring them alive for my students. Until they see these forces at work, they really don’t mean anything to them. Model rocketry can be used to explain almost any physical science concept.”
-NS. Diamond, CA

“I teach model rocketry because it is a way of including reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science cooperative learning and other essential life skills.”
-KG. Little Falls, MN

“Estes model rockets are the best hands-on activity I have ever done with my students!”
-BS. Amarillo, TX

“I have a year long space study with my students. We always close our space science year with the building of the Estes Alpha rockets and a full school launch event. What a great activity for the students and myself!”
-JS. Peru, IN

“I wanted to tell you how great our Estes rockets school program was last year. I had even my lowest level learners excited and actually, those children were so into the rockets that they were able to help other students put their rockets together. As a motivator and self-esteem builder, model rocketry is the way to go! “
-LS, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

“When I have my students build and launch Estes rockets, I know I have built lifetime memories for them.”
-GA, Poughkeepsie, NY

From Students:
“Estes rockets were the neatest thing we ever did in school.”

From NASA Astronaut, Bill McArthur, Jr.:
“To most of us, Estes rockets were our first launch! “