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Students Building Rockets


Teacher Giving Rocketry Lesson


Teaching with Estes Rocketry is Real-World STEM

Estes Curriculum & Lesson Plans include :

Estes Educator Principles


  • NGSS standards
  • 3-D Practices, Core Ideas, Crosscutting
    • Engage: Interact with STEM curriculum with proven methods.
    • Explore: Use authentic materials to engineer and experience the model rocket phenomenon with crosscutting adventures.
    • Explain: Students gather data and summarize experiences by interpreting results and communicating possible improvements, successes and challenges.
    • Elaborate: Take the student’s understanding to the next level, digging deeper, reaching higher, applying concepts in self-directed learning.
    • Evaluate: Students evaluate their engineering design process and scientific explorations relating to real-world applications.



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