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The Rocket Stability kit is the premier solution for teaching rocketry without worrying about launch restrictions and limited space. Students will receive first-hand experience designing and engineering a stable rocket and testing it using the Estes Swing Ring. With only a few feet of space, students can test and modify their rocket to achieve a perfectly stable flight!

Our Ready, Steady, GO! Unit plan is designed specifically for the Rocket Stability Kit

Girl Swinging Rocket

What limits you?


The Rocket Stability Kit was crafted with a goal in mind: to defy all expectations and make teaching rocketry available to educators with limited space. There’s no need to find a field to launch on, and no reason to worry about a crowded urban environment!


While STEM can be intimidating, rest assured that our Ready, Steady, GO! unit plan does all the heavy lifting for you! The plan walks you through the steps of the Engineering Design Process and student portfolios will guide your students to build their own rocket!


Finding lesson plans that are fun and engaging for your students is difficult. The Rocket Stability Kit offers a refreshing change of pace, allowing students to design rockets, make pitches to NASA, and work in groups.


NGSS standards are built into this unit plan, ensuring your students develop their learning skills while you meet the necessary standards for teaching. Students will defy the boundaries of learning rocketry by doing it from the ground!

Science & Engineering Skills

  • Newton’s Laws
  • Forces of Flight
  • Center of Gravity
  • Center of Pressure
  • Designing and Building Model Rockets
  • Rocket Stability Analysis

The Rocket Stability Kit

Built for Breaking Boundaries

Rocket Stability Kit

The Rocket Stability Kit is the Estes Education answer to teaching STEM in a crowded or cramped environment. Students will get the chance to design, build, and test their flight stability using the Estes Swing Ring.

Students Will:

  • Work in groups (we recommend groups of 3) to create one of over 22 different rocket combinations
  • Receive hands-on STEM experience
  • Require only feet of space to build and learn

1 Kit (builds up to 3 rockets) for only $29.99

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