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Green Eggs Bundle



Green Eggs Classroom Kit

The classroom bundle includes everything you need to launch rockets, collect data and take learning to new heights. With 12 rockets included, students can work in groups to learn 21st century skills as they build rockets over 2ft. tall. They will collect altitude, velocity and acceleration data and record that data in the student portfolio (in the free lesson plan below). This bundle is specifically made for a classroom setting to engage students in hands on learning.
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FREE Lesson Plan

Does Mass Matter?

Teaching in 2021 is Tough

We get it. This year has been challenging to plan and ensure students are achieving success. The Does Mass Matter? remote lesson plan includes pre-recorded flight data and video of a Green Eggs rocket launch to make it even easier for you to use the remote lesson. That’s right, NO purchase is required for you to use this lesson. We understand how challenging this year has been and we want you to successfully engage your students and inspire them in an unique way.

Purchase Order?

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