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The Rocket Stability Kit

Rocket Stability Kit

The Rocket Stability Kit is the Estes Education answer to teaching STEM in a crowded or cramped environment. Students will get the chance to design, build, and test their flight stability using the Estes Swing Ring.

Students Will:

  • Work in groups (we recommend groups of 3) to create one of over 22 different rocket combinations
  • Receive hands-on STEM experience
  • Require only feet of space to build and learn

1 Kit (builds up to 3 rockets) for only $29.99

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Star Hopper

Star Hopper

The Star Hopper is designed to hit the launch pad as quickly as possible, making it ideal for programs with a limited amount of time to spend on rocketry activities. Combined with any three of our lesson plans, the Star Hopper provides an excellent opportunity for students to assemble their very own flying rocket quickly and easily.

The Star Hopper offers:

  • Under 10-minute assembly
  • A small profile, easy to pack up and move or store
  • A maximum altitude of 400 feet
  • Affordability

Bulk Pack (12 rockets) for only $129.99

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Which plan meets your needs?

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Shoot for the Stars Lesson Plan

Shoot For The Stars!

This unit is all about STEM! Students will learn about the forces of flight, how a streamer affects drag, and the importance of being able to accurately predict where a rocket will land.

Ready Steady Go Lesson Plan

Ready, Steady, GO!

Designed with the needs and expectations of both students and teachers in mind, this unit plan is all about options! Students can take on the roles of engineer, flight tester, web designer, and many more in their pursuit to pitch the perfect rocket to NASA, defying the norm and proving that STEM can be fun!

Not Just Rocket Science Lesson Plan

It's Not JUST Rocket Science

In this lesson, students will act as consultants to an aerospace business where they can research and report on all types of careers within the aerospace industry including writing, graphic design, and people-oriented jobs, defying the expectations of what aerospace really means!

Race for Space Lesson Plan

The Race For Space

Students will be introduced to the Space Race and challenged to conduct research and build a timeline of important events in the race to space. Understanding the history of space exploration, students will build and launch the Star Hopper their way, defying the limits of both STEM and aerospace.

Grant Funding

Rocketry provides a memorable, hands-on STEM learning experience while sharpening key skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. In order to provide this unique opportunity, grants and awards are fantastic ways to help fund your school, classroom, or program. Funding can come from a variety of sources including federal and state governments, non-profit organizations, or businesses We have compiled a list of awards for educators, schools, and groups for you to explore. Discover a grant that fits your needs and interest.

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