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Thanks for the inspiration you give to your students!

To show our gratitude, we invite you to join us for a breakthrough wellness session, connecting you to the heart of educational service.

About the Session

When we connect to our personal sense of service, we become more resilient and feel a sense of natural fulfillment that will spill over into the lives of the families and students that rely on us.

Allow us to serve you, the educators that inspire so many, in our wellness session. Learn to connect more intentionally to that wholesome motivation of service, with simple practices and techniques that help to navigate the challenges of your classroom. 

Experience a state of natural fulfillment

Connect with clarity to your sense of service

Develop profound emotional intelligence and resiliency

Saturday, May 8th 11am EDT

Teacher Appreciation Week

Estes Education is built from a team of educators just like you. We understand that your job can be incredibly fulfilling, but only after you’ve conquered the challenges of stress, effective communication, and a clarity of your purpose. We know that a strong mental resilience can be fostered from the same sense of service that drove you to be an educator, and we have some practical tools to help you do it.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to share the love that we have for you and support the value that you provide to your community each day. We love that you inspire your students, and we wanted to remind you that the work you do matters to us.

Join us and Ananta Wellness on Saturday May 8th for this hour-long session.

Hosted by Ananta Wellness

Having a healthy work habit leads to a healthy lifestyle: bringing wellness to your classroom

Ananta provides you with the tools you need to live a healthier life. Learn how to become resilient to stress, build better relationships, increase productivity, and feel well rested each day.

Ananta Murari

Meet your Session Guide

Ananda left college in Flagstaff, Arizona at age 20 to live at a yoga monastery in Denver, Colorado for 5 years. Graduating the ashrama, he felt strengthened internally and clear about what he wanted to do in the world. He finished his degree in psychology and got certified in transformative communication. After getting married, he and his wife moved from Denver to Michigan and he has built a career supporting people around the globe as they learn to build a sacred container for their own life. Ananda believes in everyone’s personal story and is passionate about helping people write the best one possible.

Contact us at educator@estesrockets.com for more information.