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For the one who has everything!

Big Bertha

Big Bertha

Give Big, Receive Big!

The Big Bertha is sure to be a holiday hit! With a dramatic slow lift off, this baby flies up to 500 ft on standard Estes model rocket engines. Easy to build and fly. Everyone will enjoy launching this Estes classic.

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Blast off Bulk Pack

Engines For Model Rockets

Power to the people

We didn’t invent the 24-pack but we perfected it. Only Estes has provided safe, reliable model rocket engines for over 60 years. Grab an assortment pack of engines with starters and recovery wadding to make sure your year goes up, up, up!

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Rocket Cradle

Model Rocket Cradle

Presentation is Everything

Your time and effort should be shown for all to enjoy. The Estes Model Rocket Cradle is a great way to display your rocket and comes in handy when applying the details to your rocket build. You’ll be the envy of the solar system.

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Estes Hat

Estes Logo Cap

Retro Cool

At the launch site or around the neighborhood, this Estes ball cap gives you the protection and comfort you need while projecting style an expertise to your fellow rocketeers.
Retro Styling, Great Fit, One Size Fits Most

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For the one who's always on the go!

Estes Tumbler

Estes Tumbler

Technology in a Tumbler

Some like it hot and some like it cold. The Estes tumbler has the technology to make sure your beverages stay just the way you like them. This double-walled, vacuum insulated, stainless steel, 20 oz tumbler uses a special copper insulationto keep beverages hot or cold up to 6 hours. The lid features a sliding closure to prevent splashes and spills.

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Estes Aerospace Club T-Shirt Folded

Estes Aerospace Club T-Shirt

Join the Club

Show your style!. Let the world know you are a true rocketeer. This stylish Art Deco rocket design T-Shirt will make a statement from the launch field to the classroom. The soft 50/50 poly-cotton blend gives comfort a new definition.

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Estes Riptide Launch Set

Riptide Launch Set

Ready for Lift Off

The Riptide Launch set is one of the easiest ways to jump into rocketry. The pre-assembled Riptide rocket featuring blue chrome nose cone and fins creates a dazzling image on the ground and in the air. The kit includes Riptide Rocket, Estes Porta-Pad Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller.
Engine, starter, recovery wadding and AA batteries required (sold separately)

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For the one who loves a good challenge!

Saturn V Skylab

Saturn V Skylab

Build History

For the true space aficionado, there is no better way to immerse yourself into America’s space program than the Saturn V Skylab. This was the launch of the first American space station, called Skylab.
Soars up to 350 feet with the Estes F15-4 engine and deploys three recovery parachutes.
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Startech Starters


Ready Reliable Starters

For those looking for safe and reliable liftoffs at the launch field, the New STARTECH Starter is the one for you. As the leader in model rocketry, Estes continues to innovate and make their products better and better. STARTECH is our latest example. 6 STARTECH Starters to a pack.

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Mars Longship

Destination Mars Mars Longship

Conquer the Red Planet

Build the rocket that brought supplies to the settlers of Mars in the futuristic tale Destination Mars. Over 27 inches tall and powered by D and E engines, this model is as impressive on display as on the launch pad.

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For the one who loves to try something new!


Space Corps Centurion Launch Set

Set to Defend the Earth

The Space Corps Centurion agile interceptor and space fighter set provides almost everything you need to defend the Earth and its Solar Colonies. The Estes Centurion Fighter comes almost ready to fly and includes a launch pad and launch controller.

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Do it All

This is the Swiss Army Knife of rockets. It can fly up to 1200 feet as a multistage rocket or stay close with a single stage. It can hold a payload and it also can become a super glider. 6 ways of fun.

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Universal AstroCam

See the World Like a Space Traveler

Want to experiment with map making? Capture a sunrise from apogee? Maybe you just want to record those thunderous launches for history’s sake. Regardless of your intentions, the AstroCam has been specifically designed to capture incredible launches and awe-inspiring views. The Universal AstroCam can fly on any rocket!

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