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Vesta Intruder

The Vesta Intruder is not of human origin, and it shows from the menacing airframe to its out-of-this-world performance. It roars off the pad with a Standard Estes Engine and disappears into the sky like the light-speed spacecraft it was designed to be. EXPLORE THE VESTA INTRUDER Skill Level Advanced Projected Max Altitude 650 ft. …

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Lunar Scout Rocket HEader

Lunar Scout

The Lunar Scout was a critical part of the original colonization of the moon in the late 2020’s, but this time tested craft has gone on to more ambitious research on the moons Phobos and Deimos. EXPLORE THE LUNAR SCOUT Skill Level Beginner Projected Max Altitude 200 ft. (61 m) Recovery System Featherweight Length 4 …

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Corvette Class Banner

Corvette Class

This tactical recon vessel can travel to the furthest reaches of our solar system. Originally intended for reconnaissance and threat interception, it is capable of being adapted to both battle and research purposes. EXPLORE THE CORVETTE Skill Level Intermediate Projected Max Altitude 650 ft. (198 m) Recovery System 12 in. Parachute Length 25 in. (63.5 …

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Project Centurion was developed to meet the needs of Earth and the Solar Colonies after the emergence of a space anomaly near Asteroid Vesta in the year 2055. The Space Corps Centurion is an armed and agile interceptor vessel. EXPLORE THE CENTURION Skill Level Beginner Projected Max Altitude 700 ft. (213 m) Recovery System 9 …

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The DARC-1, or Deep Atmospheric Research Craft, was originally tasked with exploring the harsh conditions of planets like Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter.  It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology allowing it to endure crushing atmospheric pressures and hazardous planetary environments. EXPLORE THE DARC-1 Skill Level Expert Projected Max Altitude 400 ft. (122 m) Recovery System 12 …

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