001427 – Alpha III® Launch Set


Launch Set – Beginner Skill

(Formerly Easy to Assemble)

With all pre-colored rocket parts and easily applied self-stick decals, you’re ready for liftoff in minutes.


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Launch Set – Beginner Skill

(Formerly Easy to Assemble)

Join the hundreds of thousands of people who got their start in model rockets with this classic! The Estes Alpha III was the very first rocket in the beginner series. Powered by standard Estes engines (sold separately) the Alpha III soars to heights of 1100 feet. Whether you’re a first time rocketeer or a long time flyer, this rocket is a true classic that should be in everyones’ collection.

What more could you ask for than a high performance, high flying, classic rocket!

LAUNCH SYSTEM includes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller.

Additional information


12.1 in. (30.7 cm)


.98 in. (25 mm)

Estimated Weight

1.2 oz. (34 g)


Plastic Fins, Self-stick Decals, 12 in. (30.5 cm) Parachute Recovery

Projected Max Altitude

1100 ft. (335 m)

Age Recommendation

Estes model rocketry is recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12. Unless otherwise specified, all models require assembly. Tools, construction and finishing supplies sold separately. In order to launch, a launch system, model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding are required – sold separately-unless otherwise specified.

51 reviews for 001427 – Alpha III® Launch Set



    This is a classic estes rocket and is very fun for all ages!

  2. larry

    Very easy, great for scouts

    Great rocket flies good. Easy build for scouts just getting into rocketry.

  3. stephen

    great for first time rocketeers

    comes with every thing (engines not included)

  4. Bruce

    Awesome 1st Rocket

    I have alot of experience with the old Estes Rocket systems, built alot and crashed the same amount after time went by. My son who is in Cub Scouts and loves space wanted one after we watched OCTOBER SKY, a definate must see movie. On Father’s Day I bought this set up and waited till we had a rainy day to construct everything. Then two days later we launched using the First Flight engine and the smile on his face was priceless. Plan on getting the B6-4 Engines next to see how far it goes. I know I have a lifelong Rocketeer like me in my son.

  5. bamasmilez

    Very fun rocket!

    This set includes everything you need for rocket launching fun, except for engines and recovery wadding, which are always sold separately. Look on the package for recommended engines and wadding. I had built another rocket in the past, so I had a little experience in the build, but the instructions are excellent, to the point where no experience is needed. Be sure to follow them correctly. I flew this rocket without any recovery wadding (sold separately, as I said before) so the parachute got a little melted, but was able to slow the rocket down enough to not crash down so hard as to hurt the rocket itself. Flew it 3 times with B4-4 engines and it worked great, with no problems in recovery. The last shot I got a chance to do was with a C6-5 engine. WOW, it was amazing. Went into the clouds and out of sight. Almost gave up on the recovery, but after 20min and almost an eighth of a mile distance, I was able to find it. Do not use C6-5’s unless you have plenty of clear space, such as a large field. You’ll have a blast with this rocket!

  6. Ryan

    Great first rocket

    This rocket is a classic winner! Easy to build, Easy to fly again and again. A great kit for teachers and students alike to ignite a passion for the hobby of model rocketry.

  7. JOE

    Hooked all over again.

    My wife bought this set for me for X-mas over a year ago and I was thrilled as I was big into rockets as a kid. Yet , I never got around to flying until about a month ago when until my store manager asked if I would launch it for her after school science class. What a huge hit for the kids and myself. Now my older brother and I go launching just about every weekend. This is a great set for getting started and the Alpha rocket is just an excellent flyer especially with a C6-7. This set is winner.

  8. Mike

    a classic

    great rocket. will last you forever.

  9. Ezra


    i have always wanted this rocket

  10. Eric

    Great starter!

    This was a perfect way to introduce my 7 year old to model rocketry! The model is fairly easy to assemble with minimal tools required. It still need assembly which is what I wanted, so that he felt some gratification of building and launching. Just remember motors and wadding and you are ready to fly!

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