001598 – A8-3 Engine

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3 – A8-3 Engines
4 – Starters
4 – Starter Plugs

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The Estes A8-3 engine is single stage engine designed for model rocket flight. This engine is a standard engine designed for flights in rockets weighing less than 3 ounces, including the engine. Each package includes 3 engines, 4 starters and 4 starter plugs.

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Additional information


2.8 in. (7 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

.55 oz. (15.6 g)

Total Impulse

2.50 N-sec

Time Delay

3 Seconds

Estimated Max Lift Weight

3.0 oz (85 g)

Max Thrust

10.70 Newtons (2.4 lbs)

Thrust Duration

0.50 Seconds

Initial Weight

0.55 oz (15.5 g)

Propellant Weight

0.14 oz (4.1 g)

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19 reviews for 001598 – A8-3 Engine

  1. Billy

    Great Starting Point

    This engine is perfect for individuals that are new to rocketry. They are also ideal for first flights.

  2. Jon

    Great Test Engine

    A great engine to test your model on it first flight.

  3. Dennis

    Best engines for the yankee/wizard

    Great flights on the lighter models with this engine. You get great height and won’t have a hard time recovering the model.

  4. Grant

    Great Starter

    I always use these engines on new rockets or on my first flight of the day to see where it is going to land. Then, I move up to a bigger engine and have a blast! This engine is great if you are a beginner and it still goes plenty high on light rockets. This is my primary rocket engine. Great product! The engines and igniters are EXTREMELY reliable!

  5. David

    Good First Flight Engine

    If you are absolutely new to model rocketry and this engine is on the recommended list of engines, this is where you should start. The A8-3 engine has been around forever and there’s a good reason why: Its a great, versatile engine that gives new fliers an idea of how a rocket is going to perform. If you are new to the hobby you won’t regret starting here.

  6. Sergio Yaciel

    first engine

    these are the first engines i used and i will keep using them they are reliable

  7. Boris Sheikman

    Consistent performer

    I fired 6 of these engines and they all worked flawlessly. It is great for launching a small rocket to get a feel for the direction of the wind and trajectory. Kids can enjoying using this engine since the rocket would not fly so high that you could no longer see it.

    The tube is the same size as the B and C motors but this A motor has less fuel in it. With all that extra space I can imagine filling it with biodegradable confetti or sparkles.

  8. John

    probably the best A engine

    For smaller rockets which use A engines, this one is probably the best. The longer burn gives you a higher flight, but the shorter delay means it is not in a nose-dive when the parachute deploys.

  9. Anthony

    best engines to buy

    this engne gives you a better chance of recovering your rocket

  10. James B

    Primary Rocket Engine

    This is the best engine to buy of your just started model rocketry. It is easy to use and versatile. It only propels rockets about 100-200 feet depending on wind sheer.

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