E9-8 Engines

E9-8 Engines


3 – E9-8 Engines
4 – Starters
4 – Starter Plugs

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The Estes E9-8 engine is an upper stage engine designed for model rocket flight. This engine can also be used as a single stage engine. Maximum lift weight is 8 ounces. Each package includes 3 engines, 4 starters and 4 starter plugs.

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Total Impulse

30.00 N-sec

Time Delay

8 Seconds

Estimated Max Lift Weight

10.0 oz (283 g)

Max Thrust

25 Newtons (5.6 lbs)

Thrust Duration

2.8 Seconds

Initial Weight

2.24 oz (63.5 g)

Propellant Weight

1.30 oz (36.9 g)

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2 reviews for E9-8 Engines

  1. Rocket Master

    Be Careful!!!

    Watchout when you use these engines. If you’re not it may be your rocket’s last flight. Be sure to fly in a large field. Correct me if I’m wrong estes, but I believe the NAR recommends a launch site of at least 1,000 feet on E engines. ESTES NOTE: Yes, the NAR (National Association of Rocketry) launch site dimensions for an E engine is 1,000 feet.

  2. Anthony

    watch out

    I made a rocket using the estes rockets acessories and I used an e9-8 engine I swear to god this rocket went 3670 because I used the estes altitrack. You need a very large field to fly rockets on an e9-8 engine.

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