001954 – Red Flare™

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Advanced Skill
(Formerly Easy to Assemble)

All pre-colored plastic parts, and red holographic at that, are sure to be an attention grabber! Easy to assemble and no paint is necessary.

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Advanced Skill
(Formerly Easy to Assemble)

Something new and just a little different has arrived at ESTES – the Red Flare has a 2.6 inch diameter body tube and requires no paint! ALL the parts are pre-colored which means you spend less time building and finishing and more time for flying!

WHAT YOU NEED TO BUILD: Scissors, pencil, ruler, fine sandpaper, carpenter’s glue, plastic cement, hobby knife and masking tape. (Tools, construction and finishing supplies not included.)

WHAT YOU NEED TO LAUNCH (sold separately): Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller, Estes model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding. Four 1.5V high quality AA alkaline batteries are also required for launch controller (not included).

Additional information

Projected Max Altitude

1000 ft. (305 m)

Recovery System

18 in. (45.7 cm) Parachute


24.4 in. (62 cm)


2.6 in. (66 mm)

Estimated Weight

6.5 oz. (184.3 g)

Estimated Assembly Time

2 Hours (painting and glue drying time not included)

Decal Type


Fin Materials


Launch System

Porta-Pad II and Electron Beam Launch Controller

Launch Rod Size

3/16" Maxi Rod (sold separately)

Age Recommendation

Estes model rocketry is recommended for boys and girls ages 10+ with adult supervision for those under 12, and rocketeers of all ages.

11 reviews for 001954 – Red Flare™

  1. Rocket Guru

    Estes Red Flare reminds me of the Estes Maxi Alpha3, but with more bling on the body tube and almost a foot shorter. Use C/A adhesive, install an ejection baffle and an Estes Pro Series Nylon Parachute, cutting out a center spill whole, for a more speedy descent. These mods will enable a more reliable recovery on such a short rocket, without melting the chute. If not, use lots of Pro Series wadding.

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