001954 – Red Flare™


Advanced Skill
(Formerly Easy to Assemble)

All pre-colored plastic parts, and red holographic at that, are sure to be an attention grabber! Easy to assemble and no paint is necessary.

ATTENTION: Requires Estes Maxi™ Launch Rod – Sold Separately

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Advanced Skill
(Formerly Easy to Assemble)

Something new and just a little different has arrived at ESTES – the Red Flare has a 2.6″ diameter body tube and requires no paint! Being E2X means ALL the parts are pre-colored which means you spend less time building and finishing and more time for flying!

Additional information


24.4 in. (62 cm)


2.6 in. (66 mm)

Estimated Weight

6.5 oz (184.3 g)


Plastic fins, self-stick decals, 18 in. (46 cm) parachute recovery

Projected Max Altitude

1000 ft. (305 m)

Age Recommendation

Estes model rocketry is recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12. Unless otherwise specified, all models require assembly. Tools, construction and finishing supplies sold separately. In order to launch, a launch system, model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding are required – sold separately-unless otherwise specified.

10 reviews for 001954 – Red Flare™

  1. Michael

    Still a great flyer

    I have reported on this rocket before and it goes with me every time I go to fly. It has flown on countless “D”s and “E”s too many to count. I bought an extra one just in case yet have not had to replace the one I am using now. It is always a hit with the kids and the big kids too (me included). Thanks Estes for great products

  2. Rick

    One of my Favs

    I now have over 50 rockets in my fleet and I have spares for many of them (I have six Orange Crushes).

    Red Flare flies great with a D engine and it seems very durable. I just finished building my second Red Flare and I hope to fly it soon.

    The shiny red finish looks great on a sunny day!!!

  3. Michael

    Parachute update

    I have flown this rocket with a PS2 chute and it does well. Thank you so much from Angela from Estes for providing me with one. No more issues in fact I have bought a second one for just in case the rocket eating trees get this one.

  4. Michael

    Red Flash

    Love this rocket!! Glad they did a “short and fat” E2X in this size. I love it and does well on D engines for small fields.

  5. Michael

    Great rocket great looks

    Have definitely enjoyed this rocket I got last year for Father’s Day. The only issue I have seen is it has torn the parachute lines out of chute every time I launch it with a D12-5 engine. I have contacted Estes to see what could possibly be a the issue after 3 replacement chutes. Will see what they say and still love the rocket. May go with a different brand chute.

  6. Bobby


    Between my 9 year old nephew and I, out of all our “short ‘n fat” rockets (The “mega mosquito”, the “big daddy” and the “V2” and the “red flare ) this is our favorite. I gave it to him for his birthday and as soon as he got it ripped it open and without ( apart from a minor engine mount problem)my help built the whole thing!

    We flew it the next day on a D-12 engine and an E- 9.
    Both flights had slow liftoffs but then the big rocket would go up very high. I estimated the D12 took it at least 600″, while the E9 took it at least 1000”

    With the three others we had purchased my nephew could barely help me at all with building and flights weren’t quite as high!

    super cool e2x rocket!! Great job estes!

  7. Eric

    great crowd pleaser

    this rocket has a couple of the best qualities of Estes in one rocket. D engine power, easy to assemble and a great launch? can i say near epic?

  8. stephen

    good large rocket for first timers

    if you like large rockets and your a beginner rocketeer this kit is perfect for you

  9. Steven

    Very cool

    Easy assembly as Michael said. I built one per instructions to fly with kids. Also built display one, and painted bare black plastic parts gloss black (the bare plastic will not take glossy poly worth a damn). After stickers entire thing got gloss coat. The shiny red body tube looks even better after gloss coat. Looks amazing. Good kit from Estes!

  10. Michael

    Very Easy assembly

    This is the first rocket I purchased in over 30 years (started rocketry at 12, 44 now), Was very easy to assembly. Took my time to build it so around 3 hr. Very happy with this kit. Cannot wait to launch, soon as the snow is gone

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