002215 – Porta-Pad® II Launch Pad

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Quick Assembly. Requires no glue or tools.

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Comes complete with blast deflector, standoff stem, two-piece 1/8 in. launch rod and launch rod cap. Launch direction may be adjusted 30 degrees from vertical and can accommodate a 3/16 in (5 mm) Maxi Launch Rod – sold separately. Minor assembly required and no glue or tools are needed.

Can be used to launch rockets powered with all mini, standard (A-C) and D engines.

18 reviews for 002215 – Porta-Pad® II Launch Pad

  1. Isaac

    way cool!

    i love this it helped me get started with model rocketry if you are reading this you should definetly get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Barry

    Good basic pad

    I keep my Porta Pad in my field box so it will lways be handy for those times I’m launching away from the club field. This is a good choice for launching rockets that have 1/8″ or 3/16″ launch lugs and use up to D impulse motors. I’d recommend caution with some of the taller rockets if there is any wind, though, as it could cause them to topple if the pad legs aren’t pinned or weighted down. Larger, more powerful rockets may need a larger pad for stability. Always follow the recommendations in your kit instructions.

    Highly recommended!

  3. MJA RocketWorks


    This launch pad is built easily with snap together in minutes! It works great and really stays together. Too bad they don’t make it in yellow with stripes anymore. Easy to use too!

  4. Jon

    The only way to go

    This is the way to go. Works up to D engeins, then just add a new and bigger rod & you can start with E size. Best for the buck.

  5. Kelly

    User Friendly

    I was new to rocket launching and this launch pad was excellent to use. We launched over 30 rockets throughout the day without any issues.

  6. Caley


    this launch pad is very stable and easy to use

  7. rocket master

    5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome launch pad! Blast deflector works great and is a really sturdy design. After launch the blast deflector is charred so I recommend to wash it off so it doesn’t make the house smell like sufur! I would rate it FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Patrick

    Great Platform

    This makes a great standard launch platform. Assembly is a breeze as is transporting it. It also does come with select launch sets.

  9. Alexander

    Cant go without it

    This launcher is the perfect standard launcher. The blast deflectore allows for rockets to have their push while the rod allows for a straight path towards space. I also do have my complaint on the rod being two pieces. Perhaps it is best to make it a two peice screw together rod. This would be perfect to allow ease of transportation of the launch system.

  10. Boris Sheikman

    Adequate, but just.

    I mentioned in my review of the Tandem-X kit that this launch pad is included in the package. It seems a bit flimsy at first but after you put it together and use it you realize that it does what is suppose to. It gives the engines something to push against (deflector plate) and helps the rocket shoot upward in a straight line (guide rod). My only complaint is about the guide rod. It is made of two pieces. The end of one fits inside the hollow of the other. Try as I might I could not get the two ends to meet. At some point I was afraid that I was trying so hard I would bend the rod. I filled the gap with some JB Weld (my favorite stuff!) and sanded it smooth. ESTES NOTE: It is important to read and follow the instructions when putting the launch rod together. It has to be gently tapped on a hard surface to fit together right.

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