002221 - Astron II™ Launch Controller

(5 customer reviews)

002221 - Astron II™ Launch Controller

(5 customer reviews)

Sturdy and reliable for hundreds of launchs.


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The Astron II Launch Controller is fully assembled and requires one high quality 9V alkaline battery (not included). It’s brighly colored and will be easy to find in your launch box!

5 reviews for 002221 – Astron II™ Launch Controller

  1. Luke Marron

    This worked great for 9 launches in one day! Included 3 launches with E-motors. Highly recommend

  2. Ty

    Works fine

    Contrary to popular belief, I have 6 strait launches so far with the controller with a brand new 9V battery and of C6 engines.

  3. Father/son team

    Very disappointing

    If you would love to get a 7 year old super excited to launch his first rocket then shatter his hopes and dreams of watching it fly…THIS is the item for you!!!! It does not work. Three different brands of batteries used and all failed. Save your time and heartache by not buying this one. ESTES NOTE: This controller will work perfectly IF high grade alkaline batteries are used. We discovered after we made a change to our igniters, now starters, you needed more current to ignite the engine. After research, we have found not all 9V batteries are created equally and these are batteries that work with our controller. In no order, as they all work equally as well. Fuji EnviroMAX (HOME DEPOT). Rayovac Ultra Pro (WALMART/AMAZON). Energizer Max (HOME DEPOT/WALMART) If still not successful, we ask that you contact our customer service department.

  4. Jucava

    Ok but needs Improvement

    Sadly a single 9 volts battery unless brand new will not have enough wattage to lit the fuse, I had to set 2 9 volts in parallel to get consistency with this launcher. Will work yes, but be prepare to use only and only Duracell batteries and have one per launch, otherwise be prepare for some disappointment from the audience. ESTES NOTE: This controller performs exceptional BUT it is very important that a very high quality alkaline battery is used. Some we have found to work best are the following: Eveready Copper Top, Energizer Super Alkaline, Rayovac Ultra Pro or Fuji EnviroMAX

  5. Cosermann

    Works – but wish it used AAs

    Works fine, but this is only a backup to my other launch controller. It runs on a 9V battery. I wish it used AA batteries like the Electron Beam and E Launch controllers. That way, I’d only need to stock ONE type of battery in my field box instead of two.

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