002231 - Fin Alignment Guide

(35 customer reviews)

002231 - Fin Alignment Guide

(35 customer reviews)
  • FAST & ACCURATE fin alignment
  • Great for three or four finned rockets
  • Fits body tubes ranging from BT-20 to BT-80


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A precision molded accessory that makes it easy to glue three or four fins to various sized body tubes ranging from BT-20 to BT-80 diameters. Unique and adjustable vertical fin holders can accommodate either 3/32 in. or 1/8 in. balsa, bass or plywood fins. This is a must-have tool for any serious model rocket builder.

Never attach your fins wrong again and remove that painful process of holding them in place while the adhesive dries!

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35 reviews for 002231 – Fin Alignment Guide

  1. Rusty

    Must have product for anyone in rocketry

    Doesn’t matter what your skill level is, this fin alignment guide ensures you that your fins go on properly. You would be suprised at how much this increases your rocket’s performance!

  2. David

    A must for new rocketeers

    I have had my fin alignment tool now for quite some time. I used it on my first rocket kit. Takes the quesswork and headaches of aligning the fins by sight. The only thing that I would like to see different would be a new fin alignment tool that will accomodate a five fin configuration. I just finished helping a young man put a 5 fin configuation on his Viking model rocket and it presented a challenge for him. I went home and built a simple alignment tool. I used it and was able to align the fins with a 72 degrees spacing. Had I not did that, the boy would have had to go with the 3 or 4 fin setup.

  3. Billy

    Great Product!

    This is a must have for anyone serious about building model rockets! Maximizes the performance of the rocket everytime

  4. Glen

    Oh, get this–you won’t regret it!

    How many fins have you glue on that you thought were just perfect, but after the glued dried, you notice one fin was off by “just a little bit?” Well, that “little bit” is going to cause your rocket to spin or wobble and ultimately rob your chance to reach maximum altitude. When you don’t reach maximum altitude, your ejection delay is probably not going to release your parachute at the opportune moment which can lead to more problems. Forget all that–just get this Fin Alignment Guide and quickly glue, clip and set your fins perfect every time.

  5. Alan

    No more wonky fins

    Ok so I had a couple of rockets turn into lawn darts and decided I had to stop trying to align my fins by eye. Bought the alignment guide and now my fins are going on perfectly.

  6. Dennis

    Great for beginning modeler

    This helps the inexperienced modelers as well as the experts get their rocket off the work bench and in the air. Use a light amount of wood glue to initially set the fin with this guide for fast build times.

  7. Riley

    I wish I had one…

    This great tool,would have been great on lots of my rocket especially on my Astron Elliptic!

  8. Brenton

    massive help

    makes building rockets so much easier. having the fins straight greatly improves the performance of rockets.

  9. Alexander

    For the serious rocketeer

    Perfect tool when getting serious on perfect straight flights. Very easy tool to use and you wont have any misplaced fins.

  10. Darren


    Wow this fin guide is awesome! It will make your rockets easier to build and fly straiter and truer. By being able to glue all your fins at one time you are able to finish the build faster. This make my 4.5 yr old happier, just having a hard time keeping engines in stock. The fin alignment guide is a must have!

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