002244 – 3/16″ Two-Piece MAXI™ Launch Rod


Launch rod with extra strength and length for larger rockets.

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This 3/16″ (5 mm) diameter two-piece launch rod is necessary for most of our larger rockets that are powered by C11, D and E Engines.

Can be used in the 2215 Porta-Pad II or 2238 Porta-Pad E launch pad.

Also works great when used as an alignment tool on model rockets that require two launch lugs.

13 reviews for 002244 – 3/16″ Two-Piece MAXI™ Launch Rod

  1. Kris (verified owner)

    Better launches

    More stable and straighter launches.

  2. Brandon

    Watch The Joint

    The joint where the two pieces meet can catch on some rockets. I suggest assembling once and sanding the joint smooth. You can store it in a PVC pipe to keep it safe.

  3. Shane

    great replacement

    good for when my launch rod gets broken or bent. cheap replacement easy solution

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