002244 – 3/16″ Two-Piece MAXI™ Launch Rod

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Launch rod with extra strength and length for larger rockets.

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Going big? You might need a stronger launch rod, like this 3/16 diameter rod  built for heavier rockets and higher power motors.

It attaches to the launch pad, and your Estes rocket simply slides over the rod using the launch lugs attached to the rocket. As the rocket launches, it quickly gains enough speed to fly with stability, and then leaves the launch rod. That requires roughly 30mph, and this length is perfect to accelerate most Estes rockets to that speed for most larger rockets that are powered by C11, D and E Engines. Also works great when used as an alignment tool on model rockets that require two launch lugs.

Can be used in the 2215 Porta-Pad II or 2238 Porta-Pad E launch pad.

Also works great when used as an alignment tool on model rockets that require two launch lugs.

Additional information


3/16 in (5 mm)


35.5 in. (90.17 cm)

15 reviews for 002244 – 3/16″ Two-Piece MAXI™ Launch Rod

  1. Kspmun


    Works great for my exrteme 12

  2. Jeff

    Excellent Product

    This launch rod is easy to assemble and really does improve the quality of your launches. This rod is noticeably more sturdy than the 1/8″ version and it stays straight on launch. I would highly recommend this purchase, it is definitely worth the price!

  3. Bob

    The Better the rod, the better the flight!

    All my rockets fly straighter and higher with this rod. It is much more sturdy and wobbles a whole lot less on launch and just in the wind in general. Good Purchase!

  4. Rocket Master

    Great Launch Rod

    If you have problems with the 1/8 inch rod, then I would recommend purchasing the 3/16 maxi rod and re-fitting your rockets to use it. The difference in how straight the rockets fly is quite noticable. The 3/16 inch rod keeps my rockets pointed in the right direction every time. Because of it’s slightly longer length, the rod is also better at maintaining that same heading

  5. Dennis

    Heavy duty rod…..

    but where is the 1/4″ rod that you need for the pro series rockets? ESTES NOTE: The 1/4″ launch rod is sold with the 2238 Porta-Pad E Launch Pad.

  6. Alexander

    The bigger the better

    Bigger launch rod= bigger rockets to fire. This launch rod is your ticket to more larger rocket launches and better straight flights.

  7. Cullen

    good strong rod

    bought it yesterday and it looks great, wish it came with a couple of 3/16 lugs, though.

  8. Wayne

    A necessary part of my range box

    When I started flying rockets again, about 15 years ago, I bought a Maxi rod for bigger rockets like the Comanche-3. Now, I put 3/16″ launch lugs on most of my rockets, because the Maxi rod is a lot stiffer than the 1/8″ rod. I have 4 of them – 3 for my Porta Pads, and 1 for my Porta Pad E. I rarely ever use an 1/8″ rod, these days.

  9. dsalbs

    which is it for

    all i am wondering is, what launch pad is it for? does it go on the port a pad e or the porta pad ll? ESTES NOTE: This launch rod can be used in with either the Porta Pad II or Porta Pad E, but has to be purchased separately.

  10. Eli

    About this product

    This is just a bigger launch rod for bigger rockets like the mean machine

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