002274 - Recovery Wadding

(14 customer reviews)

002274 - Recovery Wadding

(14 customer reviews)

Flame resistant recovery wadding protects the recovery system and is necessary to launch model rockets.


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The flame-resistant wadding is required in most Estes rockets unless they are tumble recovery. Recovery wadding is installed in between the motor and the parachute and is designed to prevent damage to the parachute. Plastic parachutes can singe or melt when exposed directly to the ejection charge from the motor, but recovery wadding is designed to take the brunt of that ejection.

Depending on the motor you are using, a few to several sheets are recommended.

Contains 75 sheets, enough for about 18-25 flights and is necessary to launch model rockets.

14 reviews for 002274 – Recovery Wadding

  1. Chris

    Must have!!

    Don’t fly your rockets without this! 6-8 sheets recommended for sure safety! ESTES NOTE: The number of recommended sheets is determined by the body tube size and not all rockets will need 6-8 sheets.

  2. Carmen


    Good stuff…worked as expected. Kept the rocket and parachute from burning up.

  3. daniel watari

    must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is important to have this wadding because you’ll find that without it your rockets can crash and burn to pieces. back in the fifth grade i launched a rocket without wadding, i launched it and about after 400 feet the rocket started burning.

  4. MJA RocketWorks

    you NEED this!

    Plain and simple:without wadding, your parachute will burn and your rocket will crash. Plus, before a launch, I always check my rockets to make sure they have wadding and have never burned a parachute. 75 sheets will keep you stocked for a long time.

  5. Billy

    **Must Have**

    Some people think that they can just use ordinary tissues or TP but doing so will not let your rocket perform to the best of its ability. It’s also dangerous as it could start a fire and is against NAR protocal. ESTES NOTE: Recovery Wadding is flame resistant and required in all Estes Rockets and protects your recovery system and rocket.

  6. Jon

    Don’t launch with out it

    If you fly with out it. You will not fly for long. Make sure you have plenty for a great day of fun.

  7. Sergio Yaciel

    its a must to have this

    i remember when i was introduced to model rocketry in my 9th grade and i didnt know about the wadding and i burned up my parachute, i laugh about that because i was never told it existed or we need it. now i have packs of it waiting to be used

  8. Jamie

    Its a must have!

    Launching rockets this is a must have, there has been many times I have had to repair chutes due to not having wadding! MUST HAVE!

  9. Don


    I am new to Rocketry and have made the mistake of not buying wadding. It is REQUIRED in order for your recovery system to work in your rocket. It will burn or melt your streamers or parachute. Overall this product is great!

  10. Sam

    You need to have these!

    You need to have these in your rocket in order for your recovery system to work properly and deploy so you don’t lose it and can keep flying 🙂 They are very high quality and dependable!

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