002281 – TARC Small Parts Assortment


  • The perfect parts pack to meet the 2021 TARC competition requirements
  • Reviewed by Estes R&D team for compatibility and durability
  • Includes technical specifications for every item


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The TARC Small Parts Assortment contains a selection of Estes model rocket components, that when designed and assembled can provide one test vehicle for TARC participants to explore the 2021 TARC competition requirements.

All parts in this accessory pack have all been reviewed by the Estes R&D team for compatibility and durability so that TARC team members can develop a competitive model rocket able to reach and achieve the strenuous TARC competition requirements. Be sure to view the Technical Specifications tab for the weights and size of each individual component. Parts Included:

  • BT-68 Blow Mold Nose Cone and Transition (qty. 1)
    The BT-68 blow molded ABS nose cone and transition is the perfect combination for creating a safe and secure egg payload section. The blow molded NC-68 nose cone and transition can be adapted to the 10 in. BT-68 Body Tube. Once completed, the transition end of the payload section can be coupled to a smaller diameter, BT-56 main body tube. Since the nose cone and transition are produced in a single mold, the TARC rocket team will need to separate the parts and trim them to fit on the BT-68 Body Tube. It will also be necessary to cut some foam cups to softly, but securely hold the egg in the payload bay during launch and recovery.


  • BT-56 Body Tube (qty. 2)
    These 18 in. spiral wound Kraft paper body tubes are the perfect choice for TARC teams looking to provide additional length and stability to their rocket design. Using the adapter rings, tube joiner tubes and various other parts, students can create their own unique rocket, capable of lifting an egg to 800 ft. and returning it safely to the ground.


  • BT-68 Body Tube (qty. 1)
    The 10 in. spiral wound body tube can used to create the payload section of a TARC rocket design when coupled with our blow molded BT-68 Nose Cone and Transition. This tube can be used in its supplied 10 in. length or cut shorter to meet with a TARC teams rocket design objective.


  • KJT-56L Tube Coupler (qty. 2)
    Two spiral wound, red paper couplers for joining two BT-56 body tubes together.


  • 24mm Engine Block Bright Green (qty. 1)
    This spiral wound green paper motor tube engine block is glued approximately 3 1/4 inches from the engine insertion end of the 10 in., 24 mm Engine Mount Tube.


  • AR-5055 Adapter Ring (qty. 2)
    These spiral wound green paper motor tube centering rings are glued near the ends of the 10 in., 24 mm Engine Mount Tube to provide an accurate method of centering the motor mount tube within a BT-56 Body Tube.


  • Engine Hook Retainer (qty. 1)
    A thin spiral wound black paper tube, which can be glued to the outside of a 10 in., BT-50 Engine Mount Tube to securely hold the pre-bent metal E engine hook in place.


  • BT-50 Engine Mount Tube (qty. 1)
    This heavy duty, 10 in. spiral wound Kraft paper engine mounting tube is used when powering your TARC rocket with any of our 24 mm C11, D12 or E12 engines. This engine mount tube also requires the use of centering rings, E engine hook, engine hook retainer, engine block and D to E engine spacer for C11 or D12 engine use.


  • 29 mm Engine Mount Tube (qty. 1)
    This heavy duty, spiral wound paper 29 mm engine mount tube is 10 in. in length is the perfect choice for powering you’re TARC team rocket. This thick wall motor mount tube can be used in conjunction with the BT-56 to 29 mm Adapter Ring and BT-56 Main Body Tubes to create a minimum diameter rocket with the added push of 29 mm motors to help achieve the 800 ft. TARC target altitude.


  • Motor Block 29 mm (qty. 1)
    A spiral wound green paper engine block ring can be glued into one end of the 29 mm Engine Mount Tube, to provide a secure motor stop for Estes 29 mm E16 and F15 motor applications.


  • BT-56 to 29 mm Adapter Ring (qty. 2)
    This special, thin spiral wound green paper adapter ring allows the student designer to adapt a 29 mm motor mount tube in a minimal diameter BT-56 rocket tube.


  • TC-68T Tube Coupler (qty. 1)
    The spiral wound fish paper (dark gray color) tube coupler is strong, lightweight and is useful when coupling two TC-68 body tubes of a student designed TARC rocket.


  • Balsa Sheets (qty. 2)
    Included in this pack are two 4 in. x 12 in. balsa sheets milled to a smooth 1/8 in. thickness from medium density balsa. These are perfect for unique and rugged rocket fin designs.


  • Balsa Sheets (qty. 4)
    Also included are two 3 in. x 6 in. balsa sheets milled to a smooth 1/8 in. thickness from medium density balsa that are perfect for smaller rocket fin designs or for creating launch lug standoffs when using a larger diameter payload section.


  • Spacer E to D (qty. 1)
    This orange colored spiral wound paper spacer is used when converting from a more powerful 24 mm, 3 3/4 in. length E12 series engine to a less powerful and shorter 24 mm, 2 3/4 in. length C11 or D12 engine.


  • E Engine Hook (qty. 1)
    Pre-bent from a mild, but durable steel, this engine hook is used with an engine hook retainer to hold 24 mm E12 size engines in a BT-50 spiral wound motor tube at ignition and during the thrust phase of launch. This hook will also work with our 24 mm C11 and D12 engines by placing an orange colored D to E spacer in the engine mounting tube before inserting a shorter length Estes C11 or D12 engine.


  • Printed Parachute 18 inch (qty. 2)
    These two brightly colored parachutes are die cut from LDPE to 18 in. (corner to corner) and weighs a scant .25 oz. (7.2 g). Shroud line and tape discs are not attached, assembly required. This chute is ideal for 2-part TARC rockets where the egg carrying capsule and main rocket body require individual recovery systems.


  • Shroud Line (qty. 2)
    Tough and flexible, this continuous length of shroud line is required for assembly to the die cut 18 in. Printed Parachute. To cut to proper shroud line length, simply stretch the shroud line out and create 3 loops of equal length. Cut the end of each loop to create 3 separate shroud lines. This will be attached to the 18 in. die cut parachute with Tape Discs.


  • Rubber Shock Cords (qty. 2)
    Designed to absorb the energy of the ejection, these 1/4 in. thick rubber shock cords are great for a reliable recovery system deployment. Use them full length (48 in) or cut as needed to cushion the payload section and main rocket body during recovery.


  • SCM-63 Shock Cords Mounts (qty. 2)
    These heavy-duty shock cord mounts are printed on cardstock and ideal for use with our 1/4 in. wide rubber shock cords.


  • Tape Disc Strip (qty. 2)
    These self-adhesive discs are applied to each corner of the blue 18 in. parachute to reinforce the shroud line attachment point. Attach by placing a disc at the corner of the chute, poke a hole in the center of the tape disc where applied (sharp pencil works well), then insert and tie one end of the shroud line and then tie another shroud line to the other corner. Do this for the remaining shroud lines.


  • Launch Lug (qty. 2)
    Two 1/4 in. by 1 in. heavy duty spiral wound white paper launch lugs for launching from a 1/4 in. launch rod are included. Please note, all finalists attending the National TARC Competition in Virginia will be required to launch their student developed rocket from a 1 in. square, 6-foot launch rail. This means that all final TARC contestants must build and test their rockets using rail buttons to ensure consistency of performance between early rocket development and final competition rockets.
BT-68 Body Tube

Inside Diameter (ID) : 2.04 in. (5.18 cm)
Outside Diameter (OD) : 2.08 in. (5.28 cm)
Wall (W) : 0.02 in. (0.05 cm)
Length : 10 in. (25.40 cm)

BT-68 Tube Coupler

ID : 1.98 in. (5.04 cm)
OD : 2.03 in. (5.16 cm)
W : 0.03 in. (0.06 cm)
Length : 3 in. (7.62 cm)

BT-56 Body Tube

ID : 1.30 in. (3.31 cm)
OD : 1.35 in. (3.42 cm)
W : 0.02 in. (0.05 cm)
Length : 18.00 in. (45.72 cm)

BT-56 Tube Coupler

ID : 1.24 in. (3.14 cm)
OD : 1.30 in. (3.30 cm)
W : 0.03 in. (0.08 cm)
Length : 1.38 in. (3.49 cm)

E to D Engine Spacer

ID : 0.72 in. (1.83 cm)
OD : 0.91 in. (2.32 cm)
W : 0.10 in. (0.24 cm)
Length : 1.00 in. (2.54 cm)
Weight : 0.10 oz.

29mm Engine Mount Tube

ID : 1.14 in. (2.90 cm)
OD : 1.21 in. (3.07 cm)
W : 0.04 in. (0.09 cm)
Length : 8.00 in. (20.32 cm)
Weight : 0.475 oz.

12 inch Balsa Sheet

Length : 12.00 in. (30.48 cm)
Weight : 0.50 oz.

6 inch Balsa Sheet

Length : 6.00 in. (15.24 cm)

E Engine Hook

Length : 4.10 in. (10.41 cm)
0.06 oz.

29mm Motor Block

ID : 0.86 in. (2.17 cm)
OD : 1.14 in. (2.88 cm)
W : 0.14 in. (0.36 cm)
Length : 0.31 in. (0.79 cm)

Adapter Ring BT-56 to 29mm

ID : 1.22 in. (3.09 cm)
OD : 1.30 in. (3.29 cm)
W : 0.04 in. (0.10 cm)
Length : 0.50 in. (1.27 cm)

Engine Hook Retainer

ID : 0.99 in. (2.51 cm)
OD : 1.04 in. (2.64 cm)
W : 0.03 in. (0.06 cm)
Length : 0.50 in. (1.27 cm)
Weight : 0.15 oz.

Adapter Ring 2050

ID : 0.75 in. (1.89 cm)
OD : 0.94 in. 2.32 cm)
W : 0.10 in. (0.24 cm)
Length : 0.25 in. (2.54 cm)
Weight : 0.025 oz.

Adapter Ring AR-5055

ID : 0.99 in. (2.50 cm)
OD : 1.28 in. (2.32 cm)
W : 0.15 in. (0.10 cm)
Length : 0.31 in. (2.54 cm)
Weight : 0.065 oz.

4 reviews for 002281 – TARC Small Parts Assortment

  1. BKatan

    Not for TARC 2013

    From rocketcontest.org:

    External diameter of rocket must be no less than 60 millimeters

    This parts assortment does NOT meet this requirement for TARC 2013.

    These parts were useful for TARC 2012 but NOT for this year.

  2. Billy


    I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in scratch buildig rockets of their own design.

  3. KP

    Great for your own designs

    I got this kit to make model rockets of my own design. Let me tell you this is great. You can build at least three rockets out of this. 5 Stars!

  4. Walter


    You can add this to the large parts assortment to increase the possibilities.

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