002315 - Tube Cutting Guides

(11 customer reviews)

002315 - Tube Cutting Guides

(11 customer reviews)

A quick and easy way to cut all of the most common sized body tubes to custom lengths!


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Heavy duty plastic guides slip easily onto your body and allows for precision cuts for specific lengths. 5 guide sets are included. BT5, BT20, BT50, BT55 and BT60.

A must have for all rocket builders! You won’t find an easier way to shorten that body tube!

11 reviews for 002315 – Tube Cutting Guides

  1. Jay

    A Must-Have

    These are not only great for tube cutting but for tube marking for placement of fins, paint lines, decal placement, and anything you want EVEN around the body of your rocket.

  2. Michael

    Works great!!

    Can’t say much more

  3. Tim

    Multiple uses

    I am finding more uses for these… marking lines around tubes and for holding body tubes up while fins dry are a couple.

  4. John

    Nice set.

    My only dig is the BT-20 guide slips on a BT-20 tube. I have to use tape to give it something to grab. Other than this these are a must have for the tool box. Now only if Estes can make a set for the larger BT-70 and BT-80 tubes to fill out the set. ESTES NOTE: Instructions state you may need to use tape.

  5. Chris

    A must for scratch-builders!

    The unique two-piece design locks the tube cutting guide in place exactly where you want it. Be sure that you use a sharp hobby blade to cut the tube cleanly and evenly. A great item for your tool box!

  6. David

    Great accessory for your Rocketry toolbox.

    Purchased the tube cutting guides from a local vendor. Cutting the tubes was a tedious task until I purchased this set of cutting guides. Now cutting the tubes are quick and the cut is smooth and accurate each time.

  7. Billy

    Great Product

    Makes cutting tubes a lot easier and best of all a lot cleaner. The tubes look factory cut after you use the cutting guides!

  8. Glen

    This is a help to do it right

    The biggest mistake we rocket builders can make is to try to cut through the body tube too quickly. You need a sharp razor cutter or hobby knife and you need to make several light passes on the same perfect track in order to get that professional-looking cut. These guides will steady those multiple passes, keep the blade in the right track and help to avoid any mistakes. If you are going to repair and replace your body tubes or going to build your own design, these guides will be worth the money to get it right.

  9. John

    Neat Idea

    Easy to use, and they work great. I use them all of the time.

  10. Alan

    Great value for the price

    I decided to take the plunge and purchase some of the various guides stocked by Estes. The tube guides are great and I’ve been using them to accurately mark my tubes and as a guide for cutting. A great investment! Now I just need one to fit a 4″ tube.

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