Blurzz™ Rocket-Powered Dragster Red Menace™

Blurzz™ Rocket-Powered Dragster Red Menace™

Ready to Race

Includes a launch controller, 90 feet of race track and a really cool carrying case.


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What you need to launch

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Ready to Race

3 EXTREMELY fun colors are now available and scream down the 90 foot race track and come to a stop with the 6 inch parachute brake! Challenge your friends to a drag race and be the Estes Dragster champion!


Ready to Race (car is fully assembled-track requires minor set-up)


11.25 in (28.6 cm)


Carrying case, launch controller and one dragster.

Age Recommendation

Blurzz is for ages 12 and up. In order to race an A10-PT engine and starters are required – sold separately. Controller requires a high quality super alkaline battery also sold separately.

1 review for Blurzz™ Rocket-Powered Dragster Red Menace™

  1. James

    Real fun

    Picked up a few of these to play with when It gets too windy for the rockets. It is easy to set up, everything but the car fits in the case. Just unsnap the lid (end base) unwind the string weighing it down with a bottle or rock. the parachute, shock absorber and motor mount are on the line already so all you have to do is load the motor then snap it into the car and it is ready. The launch controller is built into the base.

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