Blurzz™ Rocket-Powered Dragster Blue Storm™

Blurzz™ Rocket-Powered Dragster Blue Storm™

Ready to Race

Includes a launch controller, 90 feet of race track and a really cool carrying case.


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For This Dragster


What you need to launch

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Ready to Race

Scream down the 90 foot race track and come to a stop with the 6 inch parachute brake! Challenge your friends to a drag race and be the Estes Dragster champion! Collect all 3 FUN colors!


Ready to Race (car is fully assembled-track requires minor set-up)


11.25 in (28.6 cm)


Carrying case, launch controller and one dragster.

Age Recommendation

Blurzz is for ages 12 and up. In order to race an A10-PT engine and starters are required – sold separately. Controller requires a high quality super alkaline battery also sold separately.


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