003165 - NC-60 Long Nose Cone Asst. (3 pk)

003165 - NC-60 Long Nose Cone Asst. (3 pk)

NC-60 Nose cone will fit the BT-60 body tube.


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Each package of nose cones contains three nose cones that will fit the BT-60 body tubes. All have eyelets for shock cord and shroud line attachments.

3 reviews for 003165 – NC-60 Long Nose Cone Asst. (3 pk)

  1. Mark

    Short nose cones with lots of uses

    This pack gives you two Big Bertha style cones and two short, tangent ogive cones as found in Loadstar, US Army Patriot and Bail-Out. Both styles of cone are useful for BT-60 based models of military missiles. The cones will require cleanup, puttying and sanding along the seams to get a good finish.

  2. Rusty

    Good Product

    I need another nose cone when my renegade’s shockcord snapped. The NC-60 nose cones were a perfect replacement for me. It comes with a parabolic cone and a more rounded version, like the ones used in the Big Bertha kit. Both nose cones get the job done and let your rocket fly to some incredible heights!

  3. Billy

    Great Nose Cones!

    These nose cones were just what I was looking for! They’re perfect for scratch built rockets or repair work.

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