030615 – Pro Series II™ 2″ OD Body Tube

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2″ OD x 13.5″ body tube.

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Unslotted body tube (13.5″ long) used in the Pro Series II 9701 Ventris and 9703 Argent model rockets. Can also be used in designing your own rocket!

1 review for 030615 – Pro Series II™ 2″ OD Body Tube

  1. RocketGuy (verified owner)

    Sturdy Kraft paper with white finish. Although the seams are visible they are fairly smooth and I think they will cover nicely with paint.

  2. Rockiteer (verified owner)

    Estes quality, big build

    Was surprised and excited to find BIG building components are now offered by Estes. After a 50 years hiatus reentered model rocketry with a vengeance. Used 2″ and 2.5″ components to scratch build my latest rocket for a 29mm motor. Sorry that I am unable to post a photo of the model, it turned out very well in my eyes and will use 3″ and 4″ components on my next project for 38mm motors. Thanks Estes for keeping up the great quality and selection. More Pro Series II components please like a 4″ body tube, more transition cones as well as a 3″ and 4″ nose cone! Big thumbs up!

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