035823 - Der Red Max Parachute

035823 - Der Red Max Parachute

18 inch (46 cm) Der Red Max parachute now available seperately!


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The highly sought after Der Red Max 18 inch (46 cm) parachute is now available for you to purchase! Whether you need an extra one for your Der Red Max rocket, or simply just want one because they are so cool, here’s your chance!

7 reviews for 035823 – Der Red Max Parachute

  1. David

    It’s a Must!

    This is s must have item for Der Red Max! Your rocket won’t be complete without this distinctive parachute. Now if Estes would only come out with a nylon version for The pro Series II Mega Red Max…..

  2. Billy

    Amazing Chute

    Awesome design! Even cooler out of the package!

  3. paul

    Great chute!

    This is a great looking chute! When I opened the package it far exceeded my expectations in cool factor! Placing another order right now for the kids, they “have to have it!”

  4. Alexander

    Cool looking

    What a great way to give your friends a scare when they see this chute pop open lol. Amazing chute its perfect to give your rockets that deadly look and makes it look like its one of those serious rockets designed to look deadly.

  5. Darren

    New again

    Well after 25 yrs of collecting dust I found my original Der Red Max. I dressed up my old rocket with the new Der Red Max parachute. My 4.5 yrd loves it. He loves to fly the rocket so he can see the chute. Great way to dress up your rockets.

  6. Sergio Yaciel


    its an awesome parachute love the design

  7. Red7fifty


    Excellent that these are available again!

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