085867 - Pro Series II™ 3" OD Slotted Body Tube

(6 customer reviews)

085867 - Pro Series II™ 3" OD Slotted Body Tube

(6 customer reviews)

3 inch OD slotted body tube x 23.67 inches long.


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Slotted body tube used in the Pro Series II 9704 Nike Smoke model rocket. Can also be used in designing your own rocket!

6 reviews for 085867 – Pro Series II™ 3″ OD Slotted Body Tube

  1. Michael Guerra (verified owner)

    Ok we need a 3” tube with “normal” slots. This tube has 1/4” slots, not 1/8”, and they are 2” long. If it is a replacement tube for one specific rocket that’s one thing, but if we are going to build them scratch we need slots that are 1/8 inch and the normal length.

  2. Michael Guerra (verified owner)

    It would be nice for the description to actually indicate how many slots and how long they are.

  3. Eugene Cramer

    Need technical specifications updated on many items

  4. Eugene Cramer

    Updates to the technical specification for many of the items haven’t been entered. Simple information such as the length of a body tube should be easy to find.

  5. Dave Deavours

    I needed a replacement body tube for my PSII Nike Smoke kit. The original body tube didn’t survive shipping 🙁 But, Estes came to the rescue with these perfect slotted body tubes for the Nike Smoke! They were shipped in a box so they arrived in perfect condition and I was able to complete my Nike Smoke. In fact these were such a good value I ordered a second body tube just in case I need one.

  6. James Nunez

    Why is there no length measurements on any of these. I love you guys but you leave out stuff that is essential to custom builds.

    • Sandra Cox

      James,Thank you for contacting us to advise of the missing information. Some information was lost in the update of our website this year and we are in the process of reviewing and updating our website for those details now. If we have not updated the information you are needing, please do not hesitate to contact customer service directly 719-372-6565 Ext 216 and I will get the information you are needing and request the correction to show online.

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