995002 – Premium Wood Glue


Excellent water-resistance, fast setting wood glue.

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Titebond II Premium Wood Glue has excellent water-resistance, and is ideal for exterior applications.

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6 reviews for 995002 – Premium Wood Glue

  1. Louie

    good stuff

    This is the perfect glue for building Estes rockets.

  2. Brandon

    Best Glue For Wood and Paper

    Titebond II is the best glue for wood and paper. This works great for gluing fins and launch lugs.

  3. Juliet

    Good, sturdy wood glue

    Wood glue is always useful for the construction of rockets, and is required for many of the kits, so it is always good to have it on hand.

  4. Alexander

    Pro Glue

    I love this glue when building estes rockets. Bonds fast so get it right on the first attempt. The viscosity of this glue is nice and thick so it doesnt run on you. I highly recommend this glue.

  5. Barry

    Best glue for wood, paper and cardboard

    I’ve used Titebond II to build many rockets and it does a fantastic job. Whe using the double glue technique described in Estes kit instructions you end up with a bond that is stronger than the materials being glued together! Easy sandability and water cleanup (when still wet) just add to the convenience. Keep in mind that wood glue will grab faster than white glue, so be ready to slip your motor mounts and couplers all the way in on he first try!

  6. Glen

    My kind of glue

    So, you are now a grown up and you don’t need to use that Elmer’s white glue anymore. This is great glue. It dries faster with a better bond and you don’t have to worry about it getting damp after it dries. It’s better than using super glue because you won’t glue your fingers together or to the model (my problem!) You also get more time to position those fins or coupler before it sets. A thin coat does wonders!

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