RE6992 – Modelers Cutting Mat


A modeler’s best friend when it comes to cutting and trimming lightweight materials.

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11.75 in. (29.8 cm) x 17.75 in. (45.1 cm) blue modeler’s cutting mat used for trimming and cutting lightweight materials. A must have accessory for model rocket building!

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2 reviews for RE6992 – Modelers Cutting Mat

  1. Sean


    Good for keeping the table from getting cut! Its great for the work space and makes building easier.

  2. Glen

    Don’t cut on Mom’s table!

    Hey, really–you do not want to make Mom or Dad mad that you just cut the dining table. You risk cutting off your biggest benefactors with a single slice of the hobby knife. After decades of accidentally making the above mistake and having to get a job to buy my own table… I finally bought a cutting mat. MAN! Why didn’t I do this before?? Just get one! They are so worth it to avoid “no dessert” for a week!!!!

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