TE1814 – Testors High Gloss Clear Spray Enamel


• Easy to apply and fast drying
• Can be used on a variety of surfaces
• 3 oz. can

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Paint and make your rocket shine bright with a Testors top coat. They give a smooth, glossy finish that is perfect for securing paint.

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3 reviews for TE1814 – Testors High Gloss Clear Spray Enamel

  1. Juliet

    Optional clear coat

    This is a good clear coat for finishing rockets. It is optional for finishing rockets, and is recommended in most rocket building instructions.

  2. Master of Rocketry

    Best Clear Coat

    I have tried many different kinds of clear coats but this one seems to work the best for my rockets. It is durable and gives your rockets that extra layer of protection, and of course, shine!

  3. Billy

    Great Final Coat

    If you want to make your rockets look professional then a testor’s clear coat is the way to go! Protects your rocket and gives it a sleek finish!

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