Build N Blast

Connect with Teachers, Educators & Youth Group Leaders

Build N Blast
  • Host a Build N’ Blast Workshop
  • Receive up to 50 FREE Rockets
  • Expand Your Customer Base
  • Great for Schools, Summer Camps and Youth Groups!

How Do I Get Started With a Build N' Blast Event?

Submit the form below to Estes for approval to receive up to 50 free flying model rocket kits.
Questions can be directed to Ed Rogala
Phone: (219) 248-8290

Estes Build N' Blast Guidelines

Estes will support hobby retailers by supplying up to fifty (50) rocket kits (two boxes of 25), at no charge, under the following conditions.

Retailers must invite “first-time” rocket builders to participate. A retailer may only get as many no-charge rockets as they believe they can get participants into their store on a given day. not to exceed fifty. Retailers may be limited to only one Estes Build N’ Blast Program per year.

After the rockets have been constructed in the shop, hobby dealers should make an effort to have the participants launch their rockets in a sports field, park or playground near the store. Engines, flight supplies and launch equipment are the responsibility of the retailer.

Under no circumstances will Estes provide free rockets when a retailer can benefit from a legitimate selling opportunity, i.e., schools, clubs, camps, scouts, etc.

Within two (2) weeks from completion of the Build N’ Blast Program, the retailer is required to complete the Build N’ Blast report and send it along with at least one photo of Build N’ Blast construction and/or launch day.