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We strive to ignite the imagination of every generation of customers everywhere by creating safe and successful rocketry experiences from their backyards, schoolyards, and worlds beyond.

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Estes Rockets is the world leader in model rocketry providing the highest quality products produced at the highest standards. Our rockets and engines ignite the imagination of countless students and hobbyists alike! 

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Whether you need help with one of our products, are looking for more information, or want to start your model rocketry journey, Estes is here to help! We are available by phone, by email, and are active on most major social media websites!

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"The second important item mentioned above was how we treated our customers. We felt a special relationship with each and every one."

~ Vern Estes

History of Estes

History of Estes


Estes was founded by Vern and Gleda Estes in 1958. A modest mail order company at first, Estes quickly grew as the nascent US Space Program ignited the imaginations of our country. Founded with the basic concept of Safety and a great customer experience, America's youth fell in love with model rocketry.


Vern Estes moved the company to a 77-acre facility in Penrose, Colorado. Rapid growth followed at Estes, and Penrose became widely known as the Model Rocket Capital of the World.

During this period of rapid growth in the 60's, Estes pioneered many unknown technological advances in rocketry including multi-staging, rocket boosted glide recovery and increasingly accurate scale replicas of America's real rockets such as the Redstone, Mercury and Atlas rockets.


After growing the company and the hobby widely through the pinnacle of the Space Race, culminating in man landing on the moon, Vern decided to sell his shares of the company, but would stay onboard as part of the board of directors. In fact, Vern still serves on the board of directors today!


Over the next several decades, model rocketry continued to be one of America's favorite hobbies, and found a place in schools and youth groups as a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) educational tool.


The Langford family; John, Ellis, Fritz, and Mallory, purchase Estes Industries from Hobbico. Dr. John Langford, a lifelong rocketeer with deep ties to the rocketry community, was and continues to be excited to bring rocketry to the next generation. He serves on the board of directors alongside Vern and son Fritz Langford, while Mallory serves as President, and son Ellis as Chief Technology Officer. The Langford family brings a passion to Estes that can only come from a lifetime love for the hobby. 

Meet the Estes Team Members

As President, Mallory oversees the strategy and vision for the future of Estes. She is passionate about preserving the hobby of model rocketry so that Estes can continue igniting the imagination of generations.

Mallory Langford


As a life-long rocketeer, Ellis is always looking for ways to innovate at Estes. He identifies new technologies for the company to pursue to keep the hobby exciting for every generation.

Ellis Langford

Chief Technology Officer

Heidi brings over 27 years of operational and managerial experience to Estes. Looking to grow Estes and rocketry, especially within STEM education, Heidi's excitement, leadership and innovative approach are the key to Estes success.

Heidi Muckenthaller

Vice President

Creativity is the name of the game for Jeremy! His artistic vision is the driving force behind all visual representations of Estes. Jeremy and his team make sure the quality and legacy of Estes are on full display through packaging, marketing, and online resources.

Jeremy Harmonson

Creative Director

John has been designing rockets for over 40 years! The excitement and positivity he exuberates at the launch site is matched only by his energy at the workbench.

John Boren

Senior Designer

Scott is a lifelong rocketeer, with over 50 years of rocketry experience! This love for our product and industry make him the perfect person to lead our Customer Service department, addressing questions from our most valuable asset... Our customers!

Scott Hunsicker

Customer Service Lead

Dave has diligently and meticulously cared for our facilities and equipment for over 40 years! His incredible work ethic is one of the reasons we have been able to maintain our original campus for 60+ years.

Dave DelVecchio

Facilities & Equipment Manager

Safety is paramount! John is the driving force behind all things quality and safety at Estes. His passion fuels the entire team to strive for excellence in this area.

John O'Hara

Director of Quality & Safety

Stacy keeps the Estes team organized. Her ability to be a team player and problem solver makes her dependable, and her communication skills and positivity make her an asset to our entire organization.

Stacy Martel

Chief of Staff