At Estes, we pride ourself on customer safety and satisfaction. The policies outlined below are designed to protect customer data, inform our customers on what to expect after a purchase is made, and to easily handle any issues caused by manufacturer defect. If at any time you need to reach out to us for more information, our customer service representatives are standing by eager to handle your situation.

What Information Can We Help You Find Today?

Shipping & Returns

What is your return policy?

  • Refunds

    Estes has a 30 day refund policy. Products must be in their original packaging to be eligible. Rocket Engines, of any kind, can not be returned due to shipping regulations.
  • Warranty

    We also offer a full one year warranty which covers defects in materials or workmanship within one year of purchase unless otherwise specified.

How long are shipping times?

  • Standard Shipping

    Our dedicated shipping team works Monday thru Friday, and typically will ship your order in 1 business day. Shipping times are about 7-10 days.
  • Holiday Shipping

    The Holidays are our busiest time at Estes as we work diligently to ensure our customers receive their gifts on time. Our shipping and processing times may be longer during this time, however, we will display a date for orders to be guaranteed arrival by Christmas. Be sure to order prior to this date to avoid any unwanted delays.
  • Expedited Shipping

    Unfortunately, we are unable to expedite shipping. Our Model Rocket Engines contain black powder, and thus must ship via USPS ground with proper paperwork. 

how much does shipping cost?

  • Standard Shipping

    Most orders fall under our standard shipping policy. We offer FREE shipping over $100 on these qualifying orders. For orders under $100, we get our shipping prices straight from USPS rates and will charge accordingly. Most orders fall within $5 - $12.
  • Large Engines (E & F)

    Our larger engines contain enough combustible material to be considered Hazmat Shipments. There is a significant ($35.49) fee to ship these engines. Only one fee will be applied per order.
  • Big Box Shipping

    Some of our larger products (for example the Falcon 9) will have an additional shipping charge attached due to the size of the box. These products do not qualify for free shipping.

Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Collect?

  • Customer Information

    EstesRockets.com will collect and save common information related to customer name, address, email address, phone number, and occupation. This information is collected if you create an account, fill out a form, or place an order.
  • Payment Details

    Estes uses third party processors like PayPal and Shopify Pay to process payments. Therefore we do not store your payment information ourselves. Once the charge is captured, your payment information is removed from our system.
  • Permissions

    We will not collect any additional data from customers without detailing that information upfront and requiring customers to agree. To place an order you must agree to our terms and conditions beforehand.

Age restriction for purchasing

  • Must Be 18+ To Order

    In order to purchase from EstesRockets.com, you must be 18 years of age or older. 

Does Estes Use Cookies?

  • Yes

    EstesRockets.com uses cookies for common website features, including remembering your account, remembering information you use to fill out certain forms, and to provide you with a more personalized experience as you browse our site.
  • What is a Cookie?

    Cookies are small data files that your browser may place on your computer when you visit different websites to mark that you've been there.
  • Can I Turn Cookies Off?

    If your browser is set up to not allow cookies, you can still use the EstesRockets.com website, however, it will limit our ability to provide you the best experience possible.

account information

  • Creating an Account

    Users are allowed to create an account and will unlock additional features doing so including saving personal information, viewing past orders, and streamlining future checkout.
  • Editing Account Information

    Customers who have set up an online account with EstesRockets.com may update their account information and change personal options, or delete their account at any time.