There is a potential manufacturing issue for D12-3 and D12-5 engines with a Lot Code that begins with ‘E22’. The potential affected products are listed below:

Lot Codes

  • E22 0522
  • E22 0622
  • E22 1022
  • E22 0123
  • E22 0323
  • E22 0523

Estes is committed to ensuring safety for all customers. Please refer to the National Association of Rocketry for a complete list of safety procedures that are required for safe model rocket use. You can learn more by reading the Model Rocketry Safety code, found here.

The affected products pose no safety concerns if the National Association of Rocketry safety code guidelines are followed. Please fill out the contact form to contact customer service for replacement product. Completion of replacement engine products are estimated around 120 days.

Lot codes can be identified in two different areas on your engines. Please refer to the highlighted sections in the image below for reference:
E22 Engine Lot Code

Get in Touch if You Have Purchased These Engines

Please contact us as soon as possible if you have recently purchased these products: D12-3, D12-5