A8-3 Engines

(19 customer reviews)

A8-3 Engines

(19 customer reviews)


3 – A8-3 Engines
4 – Starters
4 – Starter Plugs

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The Estes A8-3 engine is single stage engine designed for model rocket flight. This engine is a standard engine designed for flights in rockets weighing less than 3 ounces, including the engine. Each package includes 3 engines, 4 starters and 4 starter plugs.

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2.8 in. (7 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

.55 oz. (15.6 g)

Total Impulse

2.50 N-sec

Time Delay

3 Seconds

Estimated Max Lift Weight

3.0 oz (85 g)

Max Thrust

10.70 Newtons (2.4 lbs)

Thrust Duration

0.50 Seconds

Initial Weight

0.55 oz (15.5 g)

Propellant Weight

0.14 oz (4.1 g)

Quantity Per Pack


19 reviews for A8-3 Engines

  1. James W Piliero (verified owner)

    Great performace for smaller rockets and small fields and first timers.

  2. Cameron

    Great engines!

    These are nice simple engines for a starter and will launch your rocket a good 500-700 feet

  3. alex

    gets rockets high enough to be exciting

    A8-3’s are the “go to” engines for first flights. Excellent for checking a newly built rockets flight characteristics or to help get a gauge on which way and how far the wind will carry the rockets at recovery. They are also good to get the rocket up high enough for an exciting flight, yet still be recoverable inside a moderately sized field (like a football field).

  4. Juliet

    Good standard engines

    These are useful engines recommended by Estes for the first flight of most rockets requiring standard engines, both for safety and to get used to the flight path of your rocket.

  5. Jason

    Great Maiden Flight Engine

    This is a great first flight engine! Gets the rocket off the pad quickly, yet burns out quickly enough to keep the light and medium rockets within sight. Buying these in bulk save on multiple rocket model maiden launches which can quickly be upgraded to its max engine on a clear no-wind day.

  6. Jeff

    Perfect for test flights

    If you want to test your new rockets to see how they fly, starting with this A engine is a good bet. It will let you know if you need to make any minor adjustments prior to launching B or even C engines. ESTES NOTE: As long as the A8-3 engine is a recommended engine.

  7. Carmen

    A8-3 Engines

    Good little engine for when you don’t have a lot of open space or the wind is strong. Good starter engine for young rocketeers.

  8. Ron

    Best for first timers

    I’ve counted this engine blasts for about 4 seconds before the parachute ejects, really really short distance but perfect for first timers, or to give you an idea of the trajectory if you’re using a bigger engine for 2nd launch. On one windless day the rocket lands no more than 6 feet from the launch pad, pretty impressive!

  9. MJA RocketWorks

    Great for smaller rockets!

    On days when there’s a slight breeze and don’t want to risk losing a lightweight rocket, this is the perfect engine. Great delay for its power, too.

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