Blast-Off® Bulk Pack

Blast-Off® Bulk Pack


A great assortment and it comes with our top selling engines.

6 – A8-3 Engines
6 – B6-4 Engines
6 – C6-3 Engines
6 – C6-5 Engines
30 starters
75 Sheets Recovery Wadding

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The 1672 Blast-Off Bulk Pack comes with 24 standard Estes Engines, 30 starters and 75 sheets of Recovery Wadding.

ATTENTION: Residents of California, New Jersey, Rhode Island and North Dakota please review the Terms of Sale for state specific restrictions or Click Here for State Specific Restrictions.



14 reviews for Blast-Off® Bulk Pack

  1. Danny

    The ONLY way to Buy

    Buy these in bulk. You get them All. At a great price, too….. I have 6+ of them….

  2. RocketMan

    Excellent Buy

    If your serious about flying model rockets than I highly recommend this assorted blast off pack. Highly versatile. You will find an engine best suited for every situation with this pack. There are a lot of variables to consider when choosing an engine to launch your rocket with, The wind, size of launch field, rocket’s recommended engines, and sky conditions are a few examples. With this pack you can chose the appropriate size engine to best fit the variables and allow your rocket to return safely to be flown again.

  3. Gyes

    Can’t Go Wrong

    Regardless of what kind of rockets you have or how often you fly, you really need to be buying this bulk pack. It’s the best balanced option there is, even if it is a bit heavy on the C end. Even the motors by themselves more than justify the cost of the pack, even before you throw in the free wadding. I would actually prefer this pack to be 8 A8-3s, 8 B6-4s, and 8 C6-5s. Those C6-3s are a bit less useful than 6-5s, although I am willing to use them on heavier rockets’ first C flights. I go through more As and Bs than Cs, so I now buy bulk packs of As, Bs, and this pack for Cs.

  4. Jared

    Great Buy

    Great buy for the price, if you prchased all the motor, plugs, wadding, and igniters separately you’d spend well over $100. Has 4 motor for all types of standard launches and weather conditions. Now they just need a variety pack for the mini motors!

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