ORBIS™ 3D Bulk Pack (12 pack)

(4 customer reviews)

ORBIS™ 3D Bulk Pack (12 pack)

(4 customer reviews)

Grow your own plastic parts! The bulk pack comes with enough materials to build 12 rockets with your grown parts. A great value!


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What you need to launch

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Buy the Orbis bulk pack, download the .stl files to print your 3D plastic parts and you are ready to build your rocket! Our parts that you purchase + your parts that you grow = a great learning experience and lots of fun! 9 different designs and simple straight-forward assembly!

Download 3D Printer Designs : 

Imperial Metric
3 Fin Style 1 3 Fin Style 1
4 Fin Style 1 4 Fin Style 1
4 Fin Style 2 4 Fin Style 2
Launch Lug Launch Lug
Nose Cone Pin Nose Cone Pin
Ogive Nose Cone Ogive Nose Cone
Rounded Nose Cone Rounded Nose Cone
Tapered Nose Cone Tapered Nose Cone

WHAT YOU NEED TO BUILD: Pencil, ruler, fine sandpaper, hobby knife, masking tape, primer (white) and paint. Tools, construction and finishing supplies not included.

WHAT YOU NEED TO LAUNCH (sold separately): Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller, Estes model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding. Four 1.5V high quality AA alkaline batteries are also required for launch controller (not included).

Projected Max Altitude

400 ft. (122 m)

Recovery System

9 in. (22.9 cm) Parachute


10 – 12 in. (25.4 – 30.5 cm)


0.74 in. (19 mm)

Estimated Weight

0.50 oz. (14.2 g)

Fin Materials

3D Printed

Decal Type


Launch System

Porta-Pad II and Electron Beam Launch Controller

Launch Rod Size


Age Recommendation

Estes model rocketry is recommended for boys and girls ages 10+ with adult supervision for those under 12, and rocketeers of all ages.

4 reviews for ORBIS™ 3D Bulk Pack (12 pack)

  1. Cathy

    To answer the issues that people have been having about size if you slicer allows import with inches as the default. If now import into something like tinkerCad with inches as default and then take to your slicer. Hope this helps it worked for me.

  2. Roger J Bauer

    Sorry….in my last post I indicated scaling to 2540mm…that would be incorrect…it is scaled to 2540%not mm. Again, I apologize.

  3. Roger J Bauer

    When you open the stl files in slicer you have to click on the part (which in most cases is very tiny at the center of the build platform) then you have to scale the part to 2540mm. Then you can prepare it and slice it…Save it to a file or send it to the printer. Just as a note, some of the parts came in very tiny and others were scaled at 10000mm….be surer to scale all parts at 2540.

  4. John Ellenberger

    You need to post some information on who to print the parts. Reading them into the slicer they are so small they are almost invisible. I am going to try to scale them x 1500 but have no idea what will fit engine etc. Typically people sharing designs give some cryptic directions on how to print the design

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