A8-3 Engine Bulk Pack

A8-3 Engine Bulk Pack

An A8-3 engine is your best bet for students to launch their rockets and see the entire flight profile.

Estes engine bulk packs are convenient and include everything your students need to prepare their rockets for launching.

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Estes model rocket engine bulk packs are available in four total impulse ranges: ½A (mini engine), A, B or C (standard engines). These packs may be used for the rocket bulk packs or other Estes rockets. Whether you are launching rockets at school with students, at a youth group activity or rocket club monthly launch, Estes engine bulk packs are a must.

Engine bulk packs come with all the rocket engine supplies you need to launch 24 rockets. Included are 24 rocket engines, 30 model rocket starters, 24 reusable starter plugs and 75 squares of recovery wadding. Use the A8-3 engine to launch these bulk pack rockets: Alpha, Alpha III, Generic E2X, Wizard, and Viking.

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2.8 in. (7.1 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

.55 oz. (15.6 g)

3 reviews for A8-3 Engine Bulk Pack

  1. The Wrocketman

    You know you are going to use them, why not save some $?

    If you don’t use A8-3’s in some rocket you have – you need more rockets! This is my first “feeler” engine in my “step-up” process. If the rocket goes up good on an A8-3, and conditions seem right- (not too windy, got the launch angle/direction pretty close), on to a B6-4, and if that goes good- it is C6-5 time. But it all starts with an A8-3. The good news is that A8-3’s are available at a savings in this bulk pack. Now that’s shopping right on an engine that you are going to use all time (for rockets it is recommended for…).

  2. Robert

    Great deal

    I purchased 2 of these at my Hobby store then found them on here cheaper this is a great bulk pack as alot of rockets use these engines including my Crossfire ISX My Alpha and as a short distance flight on my Amazon.
    A grat deal when bought in Bulk.

  3. MJA RocketWorks

    Good to have around

    A8-3s come in handy for small rockets. I use them for my Crossfire ISX. Bulk packs aren’t just for educators (Just a teenager!) W/ extra supplies too. Nice.

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