C6-5 Engine Bulk Pack

(5 customer reviews)

C6-5 Engine Bulk Pack

(5 customer reviews)

Want to pack some real power? The C6-5 is your engine! This C engine is the highest impulse engine in a bulk pack. This engine will send students’ rockets out of site! Estes engine bulk packs are convenient and include everything your students need to prepare their rockets for launching 24 rockets.

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Estes model rocket engine bulk packs are available in four total impulse ranges: ½A (mini engine), A, B or C (standard engines). These packs may be used for the rocket bulk packs or other Estes rockets. Whether you are launching rockets at school with students, at a youth group activity or rocket club monthly launch, Estes engine bulk packs are a must.

The C6-5 is a standard engine designed for rockets weighing less than 4 oz. and offers more power than both the A3-8 and the B6-4. The C6-5 can fit the Alpha III, the Hi-Flier, the Viking, the Generic E2X and the Wizard. This 24-pack includes 24 model rocket engines, 30 starters, 24 starter plugs and 75 squares of recovery wadding.

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2.8 in. (7.1 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

.85 oz. (24.1 g)

5 reviews for C6-5 Engine Bulk Pack

  1. Steve

    “Will send your students rockets out of sight”- Found our this is an accurate statement on a day with lower cloud deck. Calling was estimated at 1200 and we lost the rocket in the clouds. Will be grid searching tomorrow to hopefully find it and buy more of these!

  2. Derek


    I am able to purchase a 3 pack of C’s for $10 at my hobby store, but when you add the price of the recovery wadding and a few extra igniters… it makes this the best choice for anyone!

  3. Matt

    Great Deal

    The C’s are really good engines so when they come in a bulk pack i am very happy.

  4. William

    Good Value

    These Engines are perfect for high altitude flights. Good buy if you plan on flying rockets for a long time

  5. MJA RocketWorks

    Awesome value

    C engines are great for high altitude flights. It’s good they come in a bulk pack. I use my Cs often. This is just like the blast off pack with only C6-5s!

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