002215 - Porta-Pad® II Launch Pad

(18 customer reviews)

002215 - Porta-Pad® II Launch Pad

(18 customer reviews)

Quick Assembly. Requires no glue or tools.

Not Included – 2220 Electron Beam Launch Controller


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Comes complete with blast deflector, standoff stem, two-piece 1/8 in. launch rod and launch rod cap. Launch direction may be adjusted 30 degrees from vertical and can accommodate a 3/16 in (5 mm) Maxi Launch Rod – sold separately. Minor assembly required and no glue or tools are needed.

Can be used to launch rockets powered with all mini, standard (A-C) and D engines.

18 reviews for 002215 – Porta-Pad® II Launch Pad

  1. jkap13

    i have several of these accumulated through the years. easy and fast.

  2. Jackson

    It’s pretty good. I launched the Alpha 6 once and the U.S. ARMY rocket three times at a 0 degree angle, and the piece that holds the blast deflector broke off so the deflector is at an angle during one of my launches. My only options are to launch my rockets at an angle to compensate for the angled deflector, leave it and risk damaging my yard or burning it (Kinda already does that), buy a new pad, or find something to hold the deflector up. So it’s good, but maybe not the most durable.

  3. Heidi

    Nice launch pad

    I like this launch pad better than the orange one. It feels sturdy and stable.

  4. stephen

    I love it

    I grew up using this setup. I was using the astron II for a while I never cared for it because you can’t adjust the launch angle on it as easily as you can on this one. Awesome launch system. I do miss the black electron beam launch controller.

  5. john

    great product

    I got this one to replace my old setup, glad everything hasn’t change much.

  6. Brandon

    Simple But Effective

    This is the classic Estes launch pad that seems like it has been around forever. It’s very stable for all but the Pro Series rockets. The only issue is the 2-piece launch rod; the joint can “catch” on some rockets. I suggest assembling it once, sanding the joint smooth, and then storing it in a long PVC pipe.

  7. BubbaJ

    Launch pad review.

    I also love this pad. I have launched my Mean Machine from it several times as well as all of my other low power rockets. The launch rod not coming apart is somewhat of a problem tho. I have 9 launch pads with 2 piece rods. I made a carrying case from copper pipe and end caps. Just made it a little longer than my rods. Problem solved.

  8. Chase

    Great first pad!!!!!

    I have the Porta-Pad 2, and I have launched rockets on it over 10 times, and it still works like new. One thing I don’t like, though, is that once I put the rod together, I can’t get it apart. Otherwise, I would recommend the Estes Porta-Pad 2.

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