002230 – E Launch Controller


2230 E Launch Controller is a must when launching “E” engine powered rockets but can be used to launch all Estes engines.

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Comes complete with safety key and 30 ft. of cable. Requires 4 “AA” alkaline batteries, not included

8 reviews for 002230 – E Launch Controller

  1. Fresh


    Launches all my rockets

  2. great

    great for schools

    it is great for school rocketing competitions because you don’t have to walk up to it and light it and then run away. you can just stand back press the test button and then fire.

  3. Bubba

    Love it!!!

    I love the fact that i can launch almost any rocket in my fleet. plus it looks better and not to mention it doesn’t feel like it has cheap wires. Instead the wires have a larger gauge and feel like they can handle a lot more.

  4. Billy

    Most Versital Controller

    If you’re looking to purchase a launch controller then this is the way to go. It can launch any of the engines A through G including the mini engines.

  5. Glen

    Good for ALL size rockets to “G”!

    Estes, Estes! I cannot believe that you failed to mention that the E Launch Controller is good for ALL rockets you sell! The 30-foot cord to the launch pad is good for all engines 1/4A to G. You can use the standard 15-foot controller system if you are launching D engines and below, but the 30-foot system is good for all Estes engines. In addition to length of cord, you also get a better launch controller in materials and looks. So, if you are a serious rocketeer like myself, go ahead and spend the few more dollars and consider it a lifetime investment!

    Combine this control system with the Porta-Pad E® Launch Pad. If you have an even bigger rocket with 3/16″ launch lugs, also order the 3/16″ Two-Piece MAXI™ launch rod. Smaller rockets use the 1/8″ Two-Piece Launch rod, also available separately.

  6. Jack


    Works on all engines! Love the color scheme very……official

  7. Scott


    This is the best launcher they have ever produced! I love the color scheme as well

  8. Sergio Yaciel

    Great !

    this controller ignites all of my engines. i personally like this one

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