002232 - AltiTrak™

002232 - AltiTrak™

How high did it really go? Next time, measure it with this easy to use device.


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Pull the trigger, follow the rocket in the sights to apogee, then release the trigger to lock the reading. It is that easy. No need for hundreds of dollars of altimeters!

The Estes Altitrack was designed for educational uses, but is perfect for any application of rapid design. Track the altitude of your rocket without reducing the height by adding mass. Two AltiTraks can give you much greater accuracy. Perfect for the mad scientist in you.

6 reviews for 002232 – AltiTrak™

  1. Fred

    Very nice product!!! Very accurate as well!!!

  2. Rusty

    Great Product!

    The AltiTrak is a smaller version of the same devices that are found at rocket clubs across the country. These devices are so accurate and work so well, that often times they are used to check and see if electronic devices, such as altimeters, are working properly! Amazing!

  3. modelrocketman

    The Altitrak

    This is an awesome device that can give you accurate distance on how high your rocket really goes. Its dificult at first, but when you know how to properly use it, its a great item to have for a model rocket builder. definatly worth the $

  4. Jon

    Best way to pick a winner

    We used this at our scout event. The boys really liked knowing how high their rocket could fly. This is Worth the money.

  5. Apostoli

    must have

    this helped so much for a math project i can not thank enough but i love it.

  6. Snipe

    Accurate tool for large launch areas

    We used ours with “air rockets” that reach approx. 150′. The tool was easy to use and accurate for our use. It is diificult at our launch location to get the proper (250′) distance between launchers and trackers.

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