002243 - 1/8" Two-Piece Launch Rod

002243 - 1/8" Two-Piece Launch Rod

Ideal replacement rod and alignment tool.


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This 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) diameter launch rod is ideal for most standard engine powered rockets. It attaches to the launch pad then you can align the launch lugs on your Estes rocket to the launch rod and slide it down. As the rocket launches, it quickly gains enough speed to fly with stability, thanks to the launch rod, and then flies into the air.

Fits the 2215 Porta-Pad II

Also works great when used as an alignment tool on model rockets that require two launch lugs.

2 reviews for 002243 – 1/8″ Two-Piece Launch Rod

  1. Rocket Master

    Excellent Launch Rod

    If you find that your current launch rod is warping in any way you may want to replace the rod to avoid loosing your rocket all together. Better Safe than sorry!

  2. MJA RocketWorks

    Estes makes great launch rods

    These rods guarantee that my rockets fly straight. It’s easy to use and put a rocket on it for display. That safety cap is a really good idea!!

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