002246 - Estes® Altimeter

(6 customer reviews)

002246 - Estes® Altimeter

(6 customer reviews)

Fully Assembled

A sophisticated and lightweight electronic payload for accurately measuring your model rocket altitudes.


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Fully Assembled

A must have for all rocketeers! And a great price too. The Estes Altimeter has a 4 digit LCD read out and displays in English or metric units. Accurately measures model rocket launch altitudes from 0 – 9999 feet (0 – 3000 m) and can store up to 10 consecutive flights! Includes replaceable alkaline battery.


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6 reviews for 002246 – Estes® Altimeter

  1. R Butler

    I just purchased 3 of these altimeters from Hobbyloby. The all have exactly the same issue. I used them in a RC sail plane. They worked well for a bit then quit responding to elevation changes. I traced the root cause to change in temperature. The day was about 55 degrees F. When they were warm from being in my car they worked. As they cooled down they stopped. I repeated these conditions at home with the refrigerator for 15 min or so. !00% repeatable. Apparently the circuit is not properly temperature compensated. I could find no temperature range specs for the product. On a positive note they did compare reasonably well to my on board altitude telemetry when they did work.

  2. edgar-smithc24

    very good

  3. John Eric

    great asset

    The altimeter is a good addition to any rocket kit being launched. The little eyelet may break off, so make sure to secure it with velcro or a mount for safe keeping.

  4. matt

    went into sleep mode

    I got this for chirstmass from my parents I was realy happy to be able to see how high some of my rockets went. Well this past weekend i went out and was looking forward to use it. Well the thing was before my rocket got launched it went into sleep mode, so make sure you launch your rocket in a timly fashion if your using one

  5. RocketMan


    I bought the Estes Altimeter to add a little more fun to the hobby. If you want your measurements to be accurate you are required to drill 3-4 1/8 inch holes 2 inches below where the nose cone attaches on the rocket. With that being said, If you are somewhat of a perfectionist like myself, you will not want to fly the altimeter on your nicer rockets. I chose the Banshee to be my test rocket with a B6-6 engine. The Banshee failed to eject the parachute because of a personal mistake, I packed the wadding too tightly along with the parachute in an attempt to make plenty of space for the altimeter inside the body tube. The rocket came falling out of the sky with the altimeter hanging just outside the body tube. I surely thought the altimeter wouldn’t survive the hard impact but to my surprise it was on and read 368 feet! Good job Estes for making a reliable and durable altimeter! Looking forward to future launches with this neat gadget.

  6. Gyes

    How it works

    Before you plop down a good amount of cash on this altimeter, you may want to know how to use it. The altimeter itself is slightly bigger than a BT 20, so it won’t fit in smaller rockets. That’s not really an issue if you ask me, as smaller rockets are easier to lose. Beyond that, you have two choices in how to attach the altimeter. You can either put it in the payload bay of your payloaders or you can use the included hook to attach it to the eyelet of your rocket`s nosecone. Do be careful if you use a payload bay – one flight, the altimeter broke through the tape I used to keep the nosecone attached and the altimeter fell 400 feet to the ground. Now I only use masking tape. The other thing you should know is that you will need to drill several holes in your rocket to allow the altimeter to get accurate measurements. If you really want your rockets to be pristine, maybe you would rather just use this with payloaders.

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