002264 – 12 inch Printed Parachute


Printed two color Design.

Preassembled 12 in. (30.5 cm) Parachute.

In stock

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This 12 in. (30.5 cm) parachute is preassembled and ready to use on model rockets that require a 12 in. parachute.

6 reviews for 002264 – 12 inch Printed Parachute

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    Ordering another

    This size works great on many rockets, and definitely on the Sky Writer. The only time I personally had a melting issue was one time when I forgot to add wadding. Oops! It didn’t melt too much, but enough to ruin the chute. Ordering another!
    To avoid the melting another reviewer experienced (with any size parachute), I would suggest being extra careful to make sure your recovery wadding is loosely packed but still touching all the inside walls. Also go for the higher # of sheets of wadding. For example, if your engines say use 4-6 sheets, go with 6.

  2. turdbird


    great product!

  3. MJA RocketWorks

    Good for smaller rockets

    I have the Crossfire ISX and this size chute is a good size for it. I always cut a hole in mine so the wind doesn’t carry it away. If I ever need a replacement, I know what to do.

  4. george

    Chute pattern

    I am very glad to see the return of patterned chutes. 12 in chute very durable,long as you use wadding and correctly.

  5. Hunter

    Melts together too much

    I was wondering If there was something better than recovery wadding thats fireproof because Everytime I launch with this parachute it melts togeather every time no matter how much wadding I use. ESTES NOTE: Our recovery wadding is flame resistant and we can’t recommend any other material to use as recovery wadding.

  6. Caley


    awesome colors makes it easy to see while in the air

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