002265 - 15 inch Printed Parachute

002265 - 15 inch Printed Parachute

Printed two color design.

Preassembled 15 in. (38 cm) Parachute.


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This 15 in. (38 cm) parachute is preassembled and ready to use on model rockets that require a 15 in. parachute.

The perfect size when an 18 in. parachute is too big and a 12 in. parachute is too small.

3 reviews for 002265 – 15 inch Printed Parachute

  1. RedstoneRocketeerGuy

    Crucial addition to series of chutes

    for the longest time i had to cut off from an 18″ chute to get it to the right dimensions for my original scratchbuilt BT-55 rockets. thankfully, the 15″ bridges the gap!

  2. Rocket Master

    Perfect Chute

    If your rocket tends to drift too far on the 18 incher, and the 12 incher results in broken fins, then the 15 inch chute is your answer!

  3. Anthony

    A Good Idea

    It’s just great to have this parachute as another option of recovery!

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