002267 - 18 inch Printed Parachute

002267 - 18 inch Printed Parachute

  • Light-weight, yet durable parachute
  • Two color design
  • Comes preassembled


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This colorful 18 in. (46 cm) parachute is made from LDPE plastic, preassembled with shroud lines attached and is ready to use on model rockets that require a durable, lightweight parachute.


18.00 in. (45.72 cm)


0.305 oz.

5 reviews for 002267 – 18 inch Printed Parachute

  1. Ryan

    Great parachute

    My Black Diamond takes this chute and it has worked great every time. I did slightly burn my first one because of not putting enough wadding into the BT. But my replacement has been perfect. Lands the Black Diamond gently every time!

  2. MJA RocketWorks

    soft landings for big rockets!

    I have an 18 inch chute for my Amazon and the US Army Patriot I’m building w/ my dad. The Amazon is a pretty big rocket and this parachute does the job well. Cut a hole in the top to lower wind drift!

  3. Billy

    Great Chute

    This chute is perfect for the slightly larger rockets as it allows for a slower landing. Be careful though that you don’t let your rockets drift too much with larger chutes such as this one.

  4. modelrocketman

    18 inches

    Good parachute for upgrading your rockets, adds a nice soft landing with a slower free fall.

  5. Caley

    very good

    allows some of the heavy rockets to glide back down without breaking

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