002274 - Recovery Wadding

(15 customer reviews)

002274 - Recovery Wadding

(15 customer reviews)

Flame resistant recovery wadding protects the recovery system and is necessary to launch model rockets.

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The flame-resistant wadding is required in most Estes rockets unless they are tumble recovery. Recovery wadding is installed in between the motor and the parachute and is designed to prevent damage to the parachute. Plastic parachutes can singe or melt when exposed directly to the ejection charge from the motor, but recovery wadding is designed to take the brunt of that ejection.

Depending on the motor you are using, a few to several sheets are recommended.

Contains 75 sheets, enough for about 18-25 flights and is necessary to launch model rockets.

15 reviews for 002274 – Recovery Wadding

  1. j_blaise

    I have a question actually – is the recovery wadding bio-degradable? I was asked this question by a police officer when we were launching.

  2. alex2020xie


  3. alex

    Always use Estes Recovery Wadding!

    Estes Recovery Wadding is flameproof for a reason- to keep your chute from getting scorched and to keep flaming wads of paper from falling from the sky (like regular old Toilet Paper does-WHICH IS A BIG HUGE NO-NO! DO NOT USE REGULAR OLD TOILET PAPER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!).
    Pack your Estes Recovery Wadding somewhat loosely so that it doesn’t “plug” the body tube between the engine and recovery device (parachute, streamer, ect), and you will experience successful recoveries.
    We have got in habit of “patrolling” the launch field after launching and picking up all of our wadding that has fallen back earth. A good idea to “tidy up” after a good launch event so we can’t be accused of “littering”.
    Great Stuff- and you really can’t launch without it- so always have extra on hand- I do.

  4. john

    great price

    When me and my girls shoot a lot of rockets, it’s good to buy wadding in packs like this.

  5. Juliet

    Good for protecting recovery system, but hard to put into rocket

    The rocket needs protection and the recovery wadding is flame resistant, but I had trouble getting the wadding stuffed into the rocket. Since each sheet is very thin (but very long), I thought that I could just shove all of the wadding (3-4 sheets) into the rocket, but I had to end up doing it one at a time. ESTES NOTE: We recommend you tear the wadding at the perforations and insert one sheet at a time.

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