002278 - Shock Cords & Mount Pack

002278 - Shock Cords & Mount Pack

Contains two sizes of shock cords with mounts and instructions.


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Contains two 1/8 in. x 18 in and one 1/4 in x 36 in. rubber shock cords and four shock cord mounts.

3 reviews for 002278 – Shock Cords & Mount Pack

  1. Jeff

    Simple to Install

    These shock cords couldn’t be any easier to install. The directions are very easy to use and the cords are very reliable. It’s always a good idea to have one of these packs available to you at all times, just in case one of them breaks.

  2. Jeff

    Great Product to Have on Hand

    Sometimes Shock Cords break.. (Though rare), it is always good to have an extra pack of these on hand

  3. BenJamin

    Easy to use

    Very easy to construct, and easy to install, a must buy for your rocket

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