002316 - Engine Adapters Mini to Standard

002316 - Engine Adapters Mini to Standard

Two simple steps transform a mini engine into a standard size. Insert a mini engine into the adapter, and insert the adapter into a rocket. 3 adapters per pack. Reusable.


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Adapts standard engine mounts to hold a mini engine.


NOTE: Rockets weighing up to 2 ounces that would normally fly on A8-3 engines can be flown on A10-3T engines.


1 review for 002316 – Engine Adapters Mini to Standard

  1. Jay

    Add Flexibility to Your Engine Options

    This is a really cool accessory for every model rocketeer! I have built my own adapter out of a mini engine mount but it adds weight and is not near as easy to use as these super adapters…and you get THREE of them, too! You can buy a bunch of A-10-3T engines for next to nothing and go crazy launching all your standard to small model rockets all day long.

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